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spring 2015

Is it Wrong to Try to Pick Up Girls in a Dungeon? Review

danmachi title

For all intended purposes instead of using the English title for the rest of the review I will simply say DanMachi. It is also known as Familia Myth, but still DanMachi is easier and quicker to type. So despite the fact that this is coming out over a month after I said I was getting out, but I have taken a different approach to reviews, and that is plan out which ones I would like to do, then ask Twitter either the day before or of when I want to get it out. That way I get to do a series I would like to review, and you guys get to choose which one comes out. I did this with the Ben-To review. More than likely will do it for reviews to come. Anyway enough about all that, let’s get started in this Fantasy Comedy that seemingly was a popular choice from the Spring 2015 season.

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Yamada and the Seven Witches Episode 11 Review

Yamada Title

Well it is finally the next to last episode and before I begin all I want to do is say wow after this one. This was the first time I was so focused on the episode I hardly got any pictures. I am probably going to be talking a lot about my 11 4thoughts on this one more than plot. I also would like to state I have since edited last week’s review to give it a proper score since that “plot hole” was touched upon by some people as well as this episode itself on how the seventh witches power is not through kissing and can affect witches.

As always with weekly reviews this contains spoilers to the episode that is one reason why I wait a few days before posting.

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Top Five Series from Spring 2015

top 5

Well, here is I guess the counterpart to earlier in the week’s post about the Winter Series. So, although some shows are wrapping up next week or the following, while some will continue, I guess I cannot be one hundred percent certain for these series I am about to do since for all I know they could end terribly, ask for a second season and never get one, or something along those lines. So, I guess the shows I am about to say, are good, as of right now. I think I am going to hold off on ones that will continue on until September, so there is that, I guess. I am also going to say no series that have had a previous season, just to mix things up.

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Rin-ne First Impression

So, like the last few times, blah, blah, blah, plot than thoughts, then what else I watched as per usual.


So, this girl. Sakura Mamiya can see spirits. One day in class she sees a boy dealing with a spirit. At first she thought it was a classmate, until no one else saw him. The following day he comes to class, and everyone can see him. Eventually she learns that he is a Shinigami and deals with helping spirits crossover to the after life.

a reason
Only Photo I took, I sort of forgot and am only now realizing this two weeks later.

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Gunslinger Stratos the Animation First Impression

So yeah, same as the previous ones.


There is not really much I can say. It honestly feels like there is going to be less and less for these, even though there is only one more post for my first impressions. The main character is going to school. The time is in our future where the world is predetermined by your rank. People have been disappearing by some unknown phenomenon. The main character witnesses a girl, who he saw in his dream, run away. He chases after her and somehow ends up in what looks like present day judging by some of the clocks saying 2015. It is only at this point where I remembered I forgot to take any pictures and do not feel like going back to do so, sorry. This mostly comes from the fact of my thoughts about it.

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Plastic Memories First Impressions


Again like the last show I am watching it then writing about it. So, there is that. I will say my thoughts after this as well, and mention any show that I have seen between the previous posts. This is how I am going to do it from now on, at least for these first impressions.

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Pre-Spring 2015 First Impressions

I would like to start off before I begin and say that I am still trying to figure out how I should handle the first impressions on a seasonal basis. I am thinking of doing normal first impressions for series that I begin, but this will be completely different. This is also so much more different from the winter season and the summer season I might do it differently as well. I am doing this in several parts. This one is my thoughts before the show. Then after the first episode, and lately after episode six where I will talk about if I am still watching it or not. I am uncertain if I will put them individual parts, I think I will, although I will not know until the first episode. I am also open to suggestions on how to go about with this.

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