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I End One Chapter

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The Nanowrimo and Major 200th Post Update

Well, for starters Nanowrimo is National Novel Writing Month. It takes place throughout all of November with the goal of writing 50k words in that time period. I have brought up this fact over on the update back in September and it is the reason for the 30 Day Manga Challenge Posts as well as the fact that there is no weekly review for this season.

I decided to upload this a day earlier to make it the 200th post, will talk more about it at towards the end. So, here is other stuff before that.

Anyway, so in a way the next month is a hiatus, sort of. This month, well October. I really wanted to get out other types of posts other than the first impressions and the 30 Day Manga Challenge Posts (which will go through November during my Hiatus). However between school work and Nanowrimo prep this obviously did not happen. I also did not reach my first goal of getting my book done and ready for publication, December 31st is my next goal, and I will have less homework since I would be out halfway through the month.

Reviews and Top Fives I am reevaluating on how I go about with those posts. Reviews I would like to make more formal and critical, as well as still have that typical style of writing I have. To me as of right now, they seem to be dull, and not as thoughtful as I would like them to be. It does not take much effort, and well it might be strange, but I want them to take more of my time doing and being overall better quality. One of my current classes is focusing on reviews, so I would like to get it more professional for those reasons. There is also the fact that I personally want better quality at least in reviews to go on here to use as a possible reference if I want to become a movie review or some type of reviewer in general. This will more than likely be just for series reviews and episode reviews will still be the way they are in how they are set up.

Top Fives in those cases I want to mix it up. Looking back on the posts, and even thinking about how I wrote them it really felt it was relating more to personal reasons, which is obviously why it is the way it is. Some cases I did not even start them until forty-five minutes before uploading. At the same time I wish to do two things that add onto that aspect. The first being I would like more interactions. I did ask for some, and I still have some ideas for it. But I would love to get feedback on what top five I should do. That way I get to do the personal reason for it, as well as get interactions from the community and what they would like to see. The other thing that I would add is actually talking about what the series is about, like the plot. I only brought up the concept or my reasons why. But by going over what the series is about, might give the idea to check it out as well.

Also, for right now if you have a suggestions for Top Fives you will see please comment here or on the List of Top Fives Page or even on twitter. (Next one is December 12)

Both Reviews and Top Fives I would love to start doing again come December. This gets me into the next part of this update. When Nanowrimo is done, it is December 1st. Although most people, as in like all the people other than me, December 1st marks my first post here. December 8th marks my official first post being the Date a Live review. Which will to mark I plan on doing a two-part re-review. It would be in my new form of reviews as well as separate season one and season two since the first review covered both in that single post. That is all I have to say about what is coming this December. There is going to be a lot more I hope to get out celebrating the first year here. Where some people only do a single post, well, I think it is going to be obvious that it is not going to be a single post to celebrate.  I will talk more in the December Update.

So, that is a lot I need to do. Besides that 50k word goal by November 30th I have several school papers I need to work on, more than likely one or two posts for that One Year Anniversary as well as re-watching Date a Live. So the real amount of words that will be written, will be well over 60k throughout the month, and that is if I hit the 50k word goal. Right now, counting the reviews for December, I only really have about 2 maybe 3 posts for now that deal with Celebrating that first year, but I have another discussion post I have been and still working on which will be out as well.  So, I am going to be very busy throughout November.

I was thinking of explaining what my story for Nanowrimo is about, but I will talk more on an After Math Post this December.


So, as for this being the 200th post. I just want to say thank you everyone. Sure at least 45 are the 30 Day Anime and Manga Challenge, but between reviews weekly or not and other posts it has been a lot of fun and I really enjoy doing this. I know I wanted to do something special for the 100th and then again for 150, and before I knew it 200 was here and I still have not done anything amazing. I think I am going to stop trying. But for the 500th one I will definitely have to do something, whenever that is. So, once again, thank you everyone.

Again thank you everyone. Also if you have not noticed I made a banner. I am still working on it but I would love suggestions.  As always, well not in this case, I hope you will enjoy what is to come.

– Joe

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