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February Update 2020: The need for Plans

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May Update 2018: Awkward Lack of Things

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Life Update #1

I do not normally do out of nowhere updates. But after the first two days back to University I knew where my classes are going. I only wanted to do this since this might interfere with the blog. Nothing major right now, that much is certain.

Normally I write the post in a Word Document, then move it onto WordPress. This is not the case with this one. It is just a quick update, there may be a grammar issue here or there, probably not.

I screwed upAnyway with my classes this semester, my final semester of University for that matter, I have a lot to do. Normally my classes consist of “Reading.” By this I mean I skim and my professor goes over the reading for that class on that day. This semester I do not have that luck in the slightest.

I am finally in that promise land I have been waiting for a long time. I have five writing and literature course.  All in which unlike my professors in the past, I have to take notes on the read, present to the class in some cases, and do assignments on my readings. I am not really used to a lot of homework. This semester I have a lot, especially with several things due almost daily. Which now that I think about it maybe that is why I have so much time to write, I only have one thing due at most a week.

Anyway it is because of this factor that sometimes my posts over the next few months will be delayed some days.  The only one at real jeopardy is the awkward post on Wednesday where there is not always one. My Friday review here will be fine and same for the Monday post. So only thing really being bothered is series reviews, which are only twice a month at most. I also plan on not doing any double posts on a day for future reference, more on that in another update.


Now, this is way down the road, not till May to June. But that is when I graduate. I have no idea what I will be doing come that time. I want to start looking into jobs in my field starting next month.

I never had a period of time where I just do not post what so ever. I never had that sort of experience where I am just completely tapped out. I think last summer where I was only doing weekly reviews was the closest to that.

I know I will not be able to get three posts a week once I graduate and have a job. That much is certain. Once I graduate I hope to be pushing my book out there and trying to publish it. I also wish to self-publish something this year to. So later down the line blog stuff might not be as frequent as it has always been.

Got a little side tracked anyway. Long story short if there is a delay on anything, that is not a Wednesday post. It just means I was busy with a lot of homework and did not get any time for it. 

The irony here is that this was meant to be a short post, but it was as long as a normal person’s typical sized update.

Anyway, till whatever the next post is/actual monthly update.

– Joe

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