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Monster Musume Episode 2 Review

musume title 2

Well, like I said with the Actually I am review, I do not know what series to keep reviewing weekly. So for now I will review both. If it is the case where it feels as though I cannot keep up or feel like I cannot maintain doing two weekly reviews, then I will be dropping one, at this time I do not know which one, have a feeling I will keep this series though. Anyway this episode covered two different chapters and was split into two parts. So each part will get it’s own plot point discussion. So without further ado, spoilers as always and let’s get started.

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Monster Musume Episode 1 Review

Musume title 1

So, like I said with the Actually I am review. I have not decided on which to review yet. I was a little worried when it came to this series, but I will say after this episode the worry is gone. Anyway I am minimizing the talk on the plot and bringing up a new part where I talk about the manga in the end. As for which series I will continue to do a weekly review, I am going to do my best to keep both for a bit since the Top Five posts will be done for a few months to gather ideas.


So I will say this is the most anticipated show for me this season. So, with that said, well, I guess I will leave what I am thinking for that section for my overall thoughts on the episode. Not really sure what to say since, well I do not really know what to say other than the fact I have been reading the manga for almost two years now so I know this series fairly well. I have also read it several times too. This is a harem series so let me laugh for a second since I am doing a plot section. Alright now we can begin.

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