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summer 2015

Actually I am Episode 12 and 13 Review

i am a title

Ok, so before I begin, school work prevented me from writing and watching episode 12. Then it became a matter of getting into some other shows, which by my twitter feed people probably know.

So, with all that said, this is going to cover episode 12 and 13 as well as do my thoughts on the series as a whole. So spoiler warning for the first two parts, but when I talk about the series as a whole it should be spoiler free. Since I watched 12 and 13 back to back, I am just going to mentally make it as a single episode for thoughts about it, anyway enough of that and time to get started.

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Monster Musume Episode 10 review

musume title 10

The last few months I honestly was thinking the ecchi genre has been dying for me when it comes to trying to watch it. I mean even now I am still thinking it with my struggle to watch the first ecchi series I ever did sequel, To Love Ru. Last season I failed to watch my favorite, High School DXD. Yet there is this series somehow managing and I love every second of it. So without further ado let’s get started and as always spoiler warning.

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Actually I am… Episode 2 review


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Well with the second episode and now me doing a review on it I think it is safe to say I still have no idea which series I will choose to do over the other for weekly reviews. With that said, well, there is not much for me to say right now other than the fact that the opening reminds me of Weird Al. So let’s get started on the second episode review. And as always with my weekly reviews there are spoilers.

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Actually I am Episode 1 Review

i am a title

Before I begin the typical filler starting point I am going to do this and Monster Musume episode 1 reviews and then decide what to do from there. On another note the plot will be less described and I will talk about comparing it to the manga after the score that I would give.

Well, of the manga that is my favorite it is a close tie for the fifth spot being either Actually I am and Monster Musume. Luck would have it for both series starting to air in the same summer season. Now Actually I am looks like a harem, and from the opening people might think it is as well, but it is not. This series despite having a more female cast it is more comedy than anything, the romance element is more of a side thing. So, with that said let’s get started with the first episode review of Actually I am a, in Japanese known as Jitsu wa Watashi wa.

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Snow White with the Red Hair First Impression

Well the series is known as Akagami no Shirayuki-hime, I will also add I am going over a few series and my brief thoughts at the end with the main focus towards this one.

Snow White with the Red Hair title

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