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Top Five Superheroes and Villains

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Alright, with this month being superhero themed, mostly due to the fact Age of Ultron came out, here is the first post half way through the month that deals with this theme. I was a comic book fan way before I was ever into anime and manga, so I when making this blog I wanted to make it about that stuff too, well I only got 1 posts, well 2 now, out of a little over 100 dedicated to anime and manga. Good news is I have several things planned to go with this month, so there is that. Also with the fact that this Top Five was supposed to come out last week, but a 12 page paper said otherwise this will be a double Top Five. I will be counting down 5 different superheroes and 5 different villains. I would like to add since I am not really into DC Comics, there will be little perhaps none on this list that relate to it, sorry Marvel fan boy is here writing this. I am also doing this different from my last double top five, which was all the way back in January, where it will be two separate lists.

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March to May 2015 Update

So, for starters, this is going to be the new home page until the next update in June, unless I decide to change that, since I have an idea for a homepage.  At the same time this will stay for a week before I would implement that. As usual I will be discussing what I will be doing in the next few months, some new ideas and a few other things. The 30 Day Anime Challenge was last month, and with it nearly done, I really want to say I had fun doing that and I am glad I did.

Before I begin I would like to say thank you. The last two weeks alone before this went up I got over 500 views, making it over a 1000 as well as getting over 35 followers. The last update I had a little over 150, and less then five followers. So, I am just surprised how much has changed in this past month here.

I would also like to say I have an idea when it comes to my reviews, which is people can vote for them (Poll is at the bottom and on List of Reviews). I am going to be doing updates at the final month of the current anime season, so shows from that current season I can d0 reviews for. One reason for this is come summer I will more than likely working forty hours in a factory, so the content here will be a little less, and on weekends. Unlike now where I am in school and have a lot of free time, thus watching older anime series, where I can only focus on new ones in the summer. Writing is always hard for me in the summer since I am so exhausted after working in a factory for eight hours. However I plan on stock piling reviews, so they will be out more than likely every other week come summer. Some series I plan to review from this season, but the three with the most votes by the end of March I will do reviews on. They will be out between April to June. Check out my list of reviews page to know which ones I already plan on doing. I have almost everything planned to August for Anime reviews, it is just missing the Spring season shows.                                                          

So, with that out of the way time to begin. I will say that some information, specifically in May might be added at a later date.  I will be posting dates next to new things that I add on this.


March: Mega Manga Month of Manga

            So, hopefully that theme is known what the month’s main focus is on. I plan on getting three manga reviews out, Attack on Titian, Fairy Tail, and Akame ga Kill Volume 1 for all of them. Anime reviews, Love Live Season 2 and hopefully Magi Season 2 (Although I have more shows that take priority since they have another season starting in April that I want to finish so it might be out this summer instead). I am thinking of doing a Spiderman review for Spider-Verse, maybe, it might be a discussion. If you would like to see it as a review, comment please.

            Besides the reviews, I have two new things coming out this month. Similar to my Top Five which comes out every other week these two will also hopefully come out every other week as well. One is what is going to be a sort of Journal. I will be discussing really my everyday life dealing with keeping my anime habits a secret, the random events, my thoughts, and a few other things. The other being Speculations. Date a Live has a lot of mysteries to it, so I will be doing speculations and theories to it every other week. It will not always be Date A Live, other series as well, which if you have an idea for a series to talk about when it comes to speculations or theories please comment about it. Both will be out every other Saturday.  Reviews will be out on Sundays for Manga, and Anime on Thursdays, at least I am going to try to stick to that schedule.

So, that is everything coming out in March, the Top Fives will be focused on Manga.

April: Comedy Month (I could not think of anything Witty)

Well, since it is April, and the thing that is known as April Fool’s day, comedy theme will be for Top Five. Anime reviews are Kamisama Kiss season 2, the #1 that people vote for, and Death Parade. Manga reviews are D-frag and UQ Holder volume 1.

            Also because it is the start of the spring season, I will be doing first impressions. I am not sure how to do it exactly, but I defiantly want to do it differently than how I did it for the winter season. I will hopefully also come out with another post that follows later on that briefly talks about shows I dropped, my thoughts on the ones I watch, and shows I added, which I failed to do this time.

May: Super Superhero Month

Avengers Age of Ultron comes out, so I might be talking about that. I also plan on at least talking about Secret Wars issue one and two and probably something talking about FREE COMIC BOOK DAY, that much is a defiant. I will also be going a graphic novel review of the RUNAWAYS. It was the first comic book series I read. I got collection one and two of the complete series for Christmas, so I will do a review on that. All the TOP Fives will be superhero based.

Anime reviews, since this is a primarily anime blog, although I do like adding comics from time to time. That is Rolling Girls, and that is if it is a 12 to 13 episode series, since there has been no word on whether it is or is not at the time of posting this. I plan on doing it regardless. If it is a longer series, then the #2 vote for the poll will taking its place for the anime review.


One Last thing:

If you have any suggestions to improve this blog please comment. I want to make it more enjoyable for you the reader as well as easy to navigate.

I am always open to taking suggestions for anime to watch as well, if it is something you want to see a review for please comment on the list of reviews page.

Even if you do not have a blog roll of your own, and are new to blogging, if you want to promote yourself check out my blog roll and I could add you if you comment there.

Again, I would like to say thank you, if you would like to follow me, but do not have a means to do so, follow me on twitter since there is a notification that goes out when a new post is here. Anyway until the next post, bye.


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