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30 Day Manga Challenge Day 4

Day 4: A character you feel you are most like or wish you were

oh my goddess

This question I always have difficult answering. I had trouble with the 30 Day Anime challenge of this one. However the good news is this one adds the “wish you were” part. So it might be easier. In all honesty I still do not know, even though the image that more than likely appeared above gives it away, but me writing this does not know who that is. Continue reading “30 Day Manga Challenge Day 4”

Top Five Best Girls of Winter and Spring Season

top 5

Well, I decided to count down both the best girls and best dudes of this season, only as a separate post unlike the first one I did back when I first started to do these posts. Now, because it is me and it is apparent that I am Saber obsessed, and I cannot believe the words that are coming out of my mind typing this but, she did not make it on this list. The first reason being how she did not really have a role in this half of Unlimited Blade Works which is disappointing. Now with that said I have no idea who will be at the number 1 spot when it comes to this one being done.

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My Stand on Anime and Manga Controversies

After reading several of these posts scattered throughout the blogging community, some (as in the only three I read) done by my friends Miharu, Kai, and OG-Man (Who got the original concept by Foxy and Nekochi at The Beautiful World).  It also occurred to me, thanks to Miharu, that I should have linked these from the start to give them the proper credit they deserve for giving me the idea to do this. For me I view this in multiple ways to begin with, namely the fact that this is of course an opinion. Everyone has the right to one and although we may disagree by the end of the day we can agree on the fact that we live anime or manga and share that in common. The other thing is that this can help get a better understanding where I am coming from when it comes to some content that I review from time to time to know if anything plays a role in what I do. Personally I like this sort of thing since it gives insight on the individual.

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Top Five Favorite Manga

top 5

Well, it has been awhile since I did a straight up favorite list for my Top Five. I mean one that is not right off the top of my head where I actually do not need to think about in order to know. Now, I will have a problem next time with the manga series that should get an anime, seeing that 3 of the five of them had gotten an anime announced in the last two months, so it should be interesting to see what I could do. Anyway, enough about next time and let me tell you about my favorite manga.

Number 5: My Monster Secret (Jitsu wa Watashi wa)

People might know this series for its second name, it was only announced about two weeks ago that it would be licensed by Seven Seas for an English release next year under the name My Monster Secret. Personally I am a fan of the naturally English translation Actually I am a… At the same time back two months ago an anime was announced for this year, making me super excited for it. I already know I will pick up the manga seeing that it is my top five. I even did the high pitch squeak when I am super excited. It was at the point where my mom in the other room had to begin questioning where she went wrong with her soon to be twenty two year old son. Enough about that though.

Anyway, I think I should go about explaining this series, since as of right now the only way to know about it is by reading the fan translations. Also, since the other series on this list have already had an anime adaptation I will not do it with the others. The same time there are a little over a hundred chapters out with only a little over 70 that jitsu_wahave been fan translated. I got back into this series about October. It was just a random stumble upon, and I do like comedy manga, although all that are on this list are either comedy or action or a little bit of both. This series is a simple rom com. Some people say this series is a harem, but can a series just be dominantly female in cast and still not be considered a harem, sure at one point three characters liked the main character, but now it is just down to two characters.

Again, before getting side tracked once more (Even though I discovered a new chapter was out and had to stop writing for a bit to read it) I think going over the plot for this particular series should be known. Asahi Kuromine is a terrible person when it comes to keeping secrets. So when he goes to tell his crush that he likes her only to discover she is a vampire with her wings sprouting from her back and fangs showing, things can get a little out of hand. If it was known she was a vampire she would have to go back home. The trouble does not stop there with the childhood friend constantly trying to get in his way, a classmate who turns out to be a small alien, a demon for a principle, and the charismatic pervert number two werewolf, who when is a werewolf turns into a boy. So many secrets and he has to keep it all. (That was the best I can due when it comes to trying to explain the plot).

The manga as previously mentioned is licensed for an English release for next year by Seven Seas. An anime is due out later this year, (Which I more then likely will talk about my thoughts about it at some point or another along with the recently announced Monster Musume anime).

Number 4: Brynhildr in the Darkness

The anime, please do not get me started how they tried to get 100 chaptersGokukoku_no_Brynhildr_Volume_1 (which is the first arc) in the 13 episodes. The series should have been a 24 episode series in order to give proper development for the characters. Anyway this series is by the same person who created Elfin Lied. I did read some of that series and enjoyed it. I read the manga for this one right after watching the first episode. I immediately fell in love with the manga. The thing about the anime is that about 40 chapters where shoved into the last two to three, and those episodes acted as if everything that where in those chapters happened. If you saw the anime, then you know what it is about. It does have its flaws, but this is one series that I would easily recommend the manga. If you do not really care, then then anime at least gives the sense of a complete series. If I did not read the manga, then my thoughts on the anime would be completely different, too bad I did not. Unfortunately this is the only series on this list that is not licensed. If it was I would defiantly pick it up like all the others on this list.

Number 3: Trinity Seven

So, again, running into the problem that the anime felt a little rushed. Personally if they did slow down there Trinity_Seven_volume_1would be a clear problem with it being to slow passed. I sort of wish they waited a year. That way they could have done a two cour. At the same time I only found out about this manga through the fact that the anime was be the same people that worked on the Index anime, which made me curious. When I am curious about an anime I want to check the manga out if possible, it turned out well so far with D-frag and Witchcraft works. The manga I do like a lot more, even though the anime spoiled me with how wonderful the art for it was. Okay, unlike Jitsu wa Watashi wa, this and Brynhildr in the Darkness are clearly harem series. Anyway one thing that I love about this series is the female characters. So many of them can just be worse than the main male lead in terms of what goes on. That is one thing that I love about this series is sometimes it is how they react to what happens. This series is going to be released by Yen Press later this year.

Number 2: Fairy Tail

Okay, so hopefully this is not a surprise that my favorite anime is on this list for my favorite manga. I did not start reading the manga until the first series of it ended. Even then I waited till the current arc ended, since I was FairyTail-Volume_1_Coverunsure what chapter they stopped at for the anime. The Tartarus as well as the current arc is amazing, I cannot wait till it gets animated. As of right now I have volumes 1 to 12. I want to get more, but the only store that has the manga only has volumes 1 to 12 and then 20 to 24 then 35 onwards. With me keeping the fact I am into anime and manga a secret and that one store that has the manga happens to be the place where my mom works, it is not like I can order to pick up in store (This whole story will be explained later this month). Anyway, I think the manga really spoiled me. My only problem with the first actual filler act, which was the Stary Sky one, was that the ending felt a little rushed. Great opening, everything was rather interesting. However this last one was just terrible, granted I would probably think that either way. But after reading the source material, watching the anime seems a little odd.  It is not really like this for any of the others, mostly because I read then watch and not the reverse. But, Hiro Mashima is easily my second favorite Mangaka and I really want to check out Rave Master. Unfortunately my favorite Mangaka none of his work is on this list, but a lot of it comes close. This manga is simulpub by Cruchyroll and is being released by Kodansha Comics

Number 1: (Do I even need to say it? But I will anyway.) Akame Ga Kill

I have said so many times that Akame ga Kill is my favorite manga. I was into the manga a whole month before the anime was announced. Surprisingly very few manga that I read, has yet to be an anime. The problem is Akame_ga_Kill_volume_1_coverthat in two weeks I will struggle for a Top five, since my number 1 with my luck with have an anime announced.

Anyway, enough about that distraction. Akame ga Kill, I have so much to say, that I am giving a discussion talking about my thoughts about this series and comparing it to Attack on Titan in the near future. This series when it comes to events happening, I do not see many happening. I have said time and time again for all I know they could kill Akame off next chapter just to throw everyone off, will they, probably not. Still there are so many twists that happen time and time again, which the anime pulled off super well in the final two episodes, which made me love it. It is the twists that made me love this manga. It was that one twist that made me love the anime. The anime did have an original ending, so if you enjoyed the anime, check out the manga. This manga is published by Yen Press, only one volume is out so far in English.

Well, that was my top five favorite manga, what are yours? Much like anime I am always looking for suggestions for manga. I like comedy and action mostly. In case anyone is curious, UQ Holder,  Monster Musume, Magi, The Silent Voice (Koe no Katachi), and Negima are in that order for 6 to 10.

Top Five Harem Series

top 5

Sometimes love is odd. Sometimes instead of having one person that likes you multiple people do.  The idea to me is odd, mostly because the thought of more the one person liking me has never happened, let alone one person liking me has never happened so if more than one person was to like me my head would explode. Granted this is mostly my fault due to the fact I am a naturally shy person and have it a very hard time to trust people. But anyway, to change things up for this TOP FIVE  I will not be putting Date A Live on this list, since it would automatically be at the number one spot which would be obvious, as well as not limiting this to anime but manga as well.


Number 5: Love Hina

One of my favorite manga artist is Ken Akamatsu. Although I never read the love-hinamanga for Love Hina, once I mind a means to get the manga for this series, I am getting it. One of the two stores that carries manga only has the  first 12 volumes of the 14 that there are, and they are used so the likely hold of them getting the last two are nothing.  I have been reading UQ Holder and been getting the manga as well as the Omnibus addition of Negima, I am just waiting to get volume 2 for that.

However enough about that. The anime I really enjoy. I always find it a little hard to watch older series, specifically from the early 2000s and before that. Love Hina was one of them I did not have a problem with. I really liked it, it was funny, and in all honest this is the only harem lead that is out of high school besides two others on the top of my head.  Anyway I just like Love Hina, I think I will just stop at there. Some of it comes from my own personal enjoyment, another comes from the fact that it is by one of my favorite manga artists.


Number 4: Monster Musume (Manga)

Monster Musume is a surprisingly popular manga. For starters it gets on the best sellers list every time a newmonster-musume volume comes out in English. It is popular in Japan. There also have been rumors of an anime. This series is different compared to most, because the monsters that are used in the harem are ones that one would not think about putting it. At the same time the series is very funny and focuses more on comedic and goes the whole generic harem thing really good and intentionally to the point where it makes fun of it regularly. This was a manga for starters that I was surprised that was released in US, I own the first 5 volumes that are currently out. This series is a guilty pleasure for me. The character for this one is another one of the characters on the top of my head that is out of high school. Anyway, although I do not like ecchi, and after this list people are probably going to be skeptical, if you are into ecchi I suggest checking out the manga.  It is a fairly funny series and I knew I can go and read and be entertained, which is one reason why I like this series.


Number 3: Trinity Seven (Manga over the Anime)

I have stated before that I do like the manga over the anime for this series. To me the anime felt too rushed. At the same time it does not change the fact I like this series. The other manga that could have been on the list is background 2Bryhildr in the Darkness, which anime was supper rushed shoving 100 chapters in such a short length.  Anyway, this series is funny. I managed to read the 40 chapters that were out at the time prior to the start of the series, within 2 days, much like Akame ga Kill. This series is actually in my top five favorite manga. When it gets released later this year I am planning on picking it up.  The characters are all really different, most in which I like how about half of them play along with all the innuendos and are not bothered by it in the slightest, which is one reason why it is on this list.


Number 2: High School DXD

It really feels like I talked about this series too much, but I am planning doing a review for all 3 season come High_School_DxDthis summer. So, I might as well get to the point that this is my biggest guilty pleasure. I like it for the story. Take away all the fan service, and the plot is actually good. Although I do not like the absurd amount of fan service in the series, somehow it feels like it fits with the series in some ways. It is sort of hard to explain my thoughts on this series, mostly because the last time I saw it was when season 2 aired. In all honesty all the girls are worse than the guy. At the same time he can be a little worse than them. It is just amazing what happens. The interaction between characters is one good thing that the series has for it. Characters are important, and how they interact with one another can make a huge difference. Anyway, I do not have much more to say, so it is at number 2.


Number 1: Date A Live Rosario + Vampire (MANGA)

Although it pains me not to put the obvious choice of Date A Live here, I chose this series instead. So, when you see this you are thinking, okay? The manga and anime are two different things. If you read the manga and Rosario Vampire Mangacoverwatched the anime you know what I mean. If you think you liked the anime and have not read the manga, read the manga and hate the anime. After reading the manga about half way through my thoughts where rather simple, “WHY DID THEY NOT MAKE THIS INTO AN ANIME!”  The manga is immensely different. For starters the main character is amazing, the characters are just better in general. The story is entertaining, very dramatic and dark. The anime cranked the ecchi-ness to over 9000, while getting rid of everything but a few events in the manga. I could do a rant about this. I will not because I would be here all day. The manga is just so much better. As I said before if you read the manga you know what I am talking about. I read the manga almost two years after watching the series, and I can still say that I was just so frustrated after reading the manga on how the anime did not adapt it. If the manga was adapted faithfully, this series would have been in my top five anime. But it did not, thus I am here talking about the manga. The series is completed, and I do want to buy it, my only problem is my lack of funds, most in which go to other series I want to get more. This series is at number 7, although it was higher until I got into other manga.


So, besides ending in a rant this time, and complaining about my relationship status, next time I will discuss my TOP FIVE Favorite Manga.

What harem series do you enjoy? I have not seen many reverse harem, so that was why none where on the list.

30 Day Anime Challenge Day 16

Day 16: Anime with the best Animation

trinity seven background 1

I know there are a lot of series out there that have good animation. But I have to say hands down in recent memory it is Trinity Seven, the background is amazing and the art itself is amazing. Sure did this series deserve the amazing animation, no not really? This is mostly due to the fact that it really felt like that they rushed the story. If they waited longer in the manga they could have done at least a decent 24 episode series. I do love the manga though and plan on buying it when it gets released later this year. Although the anime was a pale comparison, the art was one of the greatest aspects to it. The art itself seems nothing like it does in the manga to the point when reading the manga it feels like a lot of detail is missing. The anime really spoiled me.

background 2
Day 15
Day 17

What do you think had the best animation?

30 Day Anime Challenge Day 4

Day 4 Favorite Female Character


This one was a lot harder to choose. I could easily answer it in a matter of seconds, but that is more for what Day 7 will be and I do not want repeats, or at least to a minimum. So, picking a favorite female character is rather difficult in this case. So, instead of a random number generator I asked my brother to pick on a number one or two and he picked two. The choices where between Tohka from Date A Live and Akame from Akame ga Kill. Hmm, that is odd it seems like a series is missing that was here yesterday, I wonder what that means. My brother picked two, so Akame was the answer.

Akame is the title character. At the same time she is not always the main focus for the series. She is not even the love interest for Tatsumi, although just because she is the main female lead has nothing to do with it. Most of the time the main heroine is the love interest, but that is not always. As I stated the Top Five, although I hardly remember what I said in that Top Five, I was a fan of the manga way before the anime was announced. Personally I still like the manga more. Akame is silent and a bit mysterious at times. However there are times when she is genially caring for her comrades, which is portrayed well in both the manga and anime especially.


I am also now noticing a similarity with all the female characters that I like, with the exception of one. Most, as in like ninety percent have dark black purplish hair. On the top of my head that would put, Tohka Date A Live, Akame from Akame ga Kill, both Umi and Nozomi from Love Live (Since I just started watching and enjoy that series), Ninja aka Levi from Trinity Seven, Neko from Brynhildr in the Darkness, Togo from Yuki Yuna is a Hero, and I think my point is made. However there is only one exception and that will not be known, even though it is, until day 7.

Day 3

Day 5

Top Five Magic Based Series

top 5

So, to finish off the theme of magical for this month I will be discussing Magic in series. Now not everything can be how stories have a similar concept of magic. However magic is different no matter what. Sometimes it is the sources, sometimes it is how it is done. So finishing off this month, I will talk about five series that have magic that is different compared to others. This Top Five is also a little shorter, since it has less embarrassment and is more focused on what magic is and how it works, and not the series as a whole.


Number 5: Witchcraft Works

To be honest I am always a little confused how magic works here. This is more of when the main character gains magic. It seems as simple as throwing on a cloak and calling yourself a witch in order to become one. I was debating on whether or not this series or Trinity Seven should be here. But so little is known about how magic works in this series that makes it here. Magic in this series is never really explained. At the same time what it can do and how it works is not as well. Magic is simply just there, and it protects the city, and other things. So, with how unknown magic is, makes it at this spot. Trinity Seven at least has an interesting history behind it.


Number 4: A Certain Magical Index

There is one thing that I rather enjoy about Index, is that it takes people with super powers and magic and combine it into one story. Sure, people with ESP cannot use magic, and vice versa, without running the risk of destroying their body and losing their magic. Yet it, like three of the five here, it comes from the origin of magic. Ironically it comes from the bible and the church that are magicians. It is going off of that, which makes magic interesting in this series. Not only that but it is different, when it comes to what it can do, and how it is done. Granted, I have not seen this series in almost two years, even though it is my second favorite series, but magic can be a grand scale thing or very minor what it can do. It could wipe people’s memories, or put up a small barrier. There is no limit to what a single person could do with magic providing they know what they are doing, have the right artifacts for it, and really anything else.


Number 3: Magi: The Labyrinth of Magic

I find Magi’s way of doing magic rather interesting. It deals with manipulating Magoi. This is something that is within everyone, yet not everyone has the ability to be a magician. By manipulating the Magoi one can control certain elements. Then when it comes to doing certain spells it involves manipulating it in such a way to make the spell work. One would need to know the components and everything that goes into making a certain thing happen. In the first season I think a good example is with the illusion steam spell that was used since it reflected light. It is little things that can make magic so complicated that makes it at number three. It is also the source of where it comes from that puts it there as well.


Number 2: Fairy Tail

Although where magic comes from and how exactly does it work is not really known. What is known is that only about; if I remember correctly, twelve percent of people have magic. At the same time what is so interesting and well done in Fairy Tail is that on the top of my head only three people have the same magic, which is Celestial Spirit mage. At the same time each one of those are different since different keys where used. Magic is very different compared to most series here simply for the fact that no one really shares a similar magic. Although the Grand Magic Games arc was very long, it introduced a lot of different types of magic. In each arc new magic is introduced, which makes it very interesting. The fact that it is so different among the individual person makes it at number 2 for that reason.


Number 1: Chaika: The Coffin Princess

One thing that I loved about this series is that magic was different compared to any other series that I saw. Magic, for starters powers nearly everything. The weapon Chaika uses requires the magic powered in order to work. At the same time a substitute for the magic to work is using one’s own memories. The memories are taken away and are random, so it is not a matter of picking as well. Really a lot of parts about this series that I found interesting where in the fantasy elements like Unicorns being man-eating monsters. There are plenty of other reasons that put it here at number one when it comes to magic. Just using Chaika’s weapon was just a small, yet amazing example of it.


Even though this Top Five was rather short, it goes back to being what was originally intended to be every other week series. Next time, February 13, Top Five Romance Series.

Top Five Male and Female Characters of 2014

top 5


Throughout the year there has been dozen upon dozen of new and old characters. Some have returned after a long absence, while others are fresh faces. So, like all of my Top Fives these are based off series that I have seen, at least in most cases, and are obviously bias. These are all characters that have made an appearance throughout 2014. Much like last week’s Top Five, this week will display two different characters simultaneously.


Number 5: Son Hak (Yona of the Dawn) and Iona Hikawa (Happiness Charge Precure)


Let me just shake my head in embarrassment for starters admitting that I like Happiness Charge Precure. As I stated in the last Top Five I got into the Magical Girl genre last year. It is thanks to this series. So, let me avoid that discussion for some other day and go back to this actual discussion.

I began to watch Yona of the Dawn very late into the season, episode twelve had yet to air and binge watchinghak began. Of the male characters that have appeared so far I like Hak. As you will soon find out there will be a trend for what I like in my male and female characters and Hak fits into that category. Funny and strong, and he will just do about anything for the people he cares for.  Sure at times he picks on Yona, but I think that is really where both characters can shine the most and what makes both stand out. However he can stand out more on his own at times. I know the scene that made me like his character, in episode five or six, when the realization that the poison has little to no effect on him while it would have token down several people at that point and he continued to take down several people. It is more of admiration that makes me enjoy this character which is why he is at number five despite the show not ending.

Now back to the harder to describe part since I brought up the fact that I like Happiness Charge Precure with Cure_FortuneIona aka Cure Fortune is my favorite of the bunch. I knew when doing the top five this is one of the characters that automatically pops into my head, as well as a few others, which did not make the list. Could I have used those characters, yes I could have, but Cure Fortune is better than the ones that did not make it. She is a bit of a Tsundere, at least at first. She is cold and refuses to join them, which are up until about episode twenty when Phantom strikes, anyway enough about the plot. After she joins the group her true self starts to get shown. Besides being a powerhouse and adorable, her story development is good, and I like the stories that revolve around her. Although normally for characters I also look for comedy, at times when it comes to the female character it is more of their attitude in certain situations, and she fits it better than most do. Okay, so avoiding more embarrassment I am done now with this talk.


Number 4: Mamoru Chiba (Sailor Moon Crystal) and Akatsuki (Log Horizon)


Seriously, what is it with magical girl series characters making it into this week? Anyway although no other Tuxedo_Maskmagical girl character will be in it after this one, for the male characters Tuxedo Mask fits perfectly. Again much like Hak this goes with how he interacts with the female protagonist. Although he does not always have a lot of screen time, when he does sometimes he can be a main focus, be his rude behavior or his gentlemen like behavior in scenes is where I enjoy his character the most. I like how even though he is a male character his is not the strongest, but he still wants to be stronger to protect Usagi. That and despite the fact compared to all the other characters who have some sort of magical power he can still hold his ground with no abilities other than the fact like all anime characters he can jump really high. I also forgot about his ability to throw roses, which is something you do not see every day, except in Gintama and Pokemon. Jokes aside, it is more of the fact he has no abilities compared to everyone else and can still hold his ground somewhat that makes him at number four.Akatsuki

Akatsuki, again, I really find it hard to talk about the female characters, but yes again she is adorable and super bad-ass. So, getting that part out of the way, like how it is going to be for most female characters, let me discus what they are like. A part of me was really debating whether or not to put her on the list. One of the biggest downsides to her character, at least how I see it is that she really cannot get over how Shiro left for that short time in season two. However, I also have to say I liked that arc because it really allowed a lot of development for her character and how she realized that she is in fact strong. Plus like the next ninja, she can be a little funny at times. Compared to the other characters on this list she gets shy, which is something I do not see often that gets pulled off well with female characters. Most are just shy in first encounter, but she always seems to be shy. I really like that about her character since there is still plenty room for her character to grow in a different way. There are other reasons why she is here at number four I am sure, but she deserves this spot.


Number 3: Sora (No Game No Life) and Levi Kazama (Trinity Seven)


No Game No Life was one of the series that surprised me on how good it was. Sora, well to put it simply fifty percent of the time he can just be a lecherous person, while the other fifty percent of the time a super genius planning about fifty steps ahead before the first move was even made. He can be funny with his NEET behaviors and really the balance of it all makes him a character on this list. It is just a weird combination of everything that makes it all work out, which is why I like his character.Levi

Levi aka Ninja from Trinity Seven. Levi is my favorite character in the manga, and that held up clearly in the show as well too. She was not like most characters and can easily just be as inappropriate as the guys and takes no offence to it in anyway. To top it off she is overall balanced in everything from being a good fighter and being one of the funniest characters. In the more recent chapter her magus outfit was finally revealed, and that too was amazing. Although I do not have much to say for both the characters in this one, their actions and what they do with those actions really make up for why they are on the list at number three.


Number 2: Akame and Tatsumu (Akame ga Kill)


So, unintentionally the next two are from the same series, much like the one Tatsumi_Smilethat will be at number one, but OH well, they are both amazing anyways.

Anyway, I think I have not driving into the ground hard enough that I enjoyed Akame ga Kill, so it would make sense that I like the title character and the main character. Personally when it came to this series Akame and Esdeath are two of my favorite Akame_smilingfemale characters. I prefer Esdeath, but since all the characters on this list have been heroes, I decided to keep the list as heroes.  Anyway, for both characters they fit what I like to see in characters. I think I can just stop it there without saying more since I am starting to get a little tired about talking Akame ga Kill so much nearly four weeks in a row.


Number 1: Shiro Emiya and Saber (Fate Stay Night Unlimited Blade Works)

Yes, the only two that can be at the top of this list are two of my favorite shirotcharacters of all time. Saber probably being at number one for favorite female characters, with Shiro in the top five at least, especially with this installment. Shiro is probably one of the most heroic characters out there, which is why he is so admirable to me. Sure he might not be one of the funniest characters, but everything else he does make up for it.

Saber, spoilers aka King Arthur, I think that spoiler is justified with her real name being mentions in saberFate Stay Night (2006), Fate Zero, Fate Stay Night Unlimited Blade Works film. So you get the point. I had to say that information to get down one of my reasons of liking her. I like Arthurian Legends, one of my books I want to publish takes ideas from that. So seeing another work twist it in some way is enjoyable. Okay, now to get to other reasons besides her real identity. She is an insanely awesome fighter compared to most characters I have seen. She is very thoughtful and is constantly thinking. Besides that at times she is funny, and let’s face it she is super adorable when you least suspect it as well. Now to avoid further humiliations I am done talking now until next year’s Top Five Male and Female Characters of 2015 with Saber still being at number one.


Other characters that did not make the list are, the entire female cast of Sailor Moon, Seitokai Yakuindomo, D-frag, Witchcraft Works, Date A Live II, and the rest of the Trinity Seven members. For male characters, D-Frag, Date A Live, and a lot of others.

So, what are your top five characters of 2015?

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