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With Everyone as One: Love Live the School Idol Movie Review

It is over. It just feels so weird to say that. The story Muse is done with this film. There will be no more of the characters that I have grown so fond of this past year. It is weird thinking that. But, all stories must come to an end someday. The story of Muse is just closing one window, but opening it up to so many more. Continue reading “With Everyone as One: Love Live the School Idol Movie Review”

Top Five Best Girls of Winter and Spring Season

top 5

Well, I decided to count down both the best girls and best dudes of this season, only as a separate post unlike the first one I did back when I first started to do these posts. Now, because it is me and it is apparent that I am Saber obsessed, and I cannot believe the words that are coming out of my mind typing this but, she did not make it on this list. The first reason being how she did not really have a role in this half of Unlimited Blade Works which is disappointing. Now with that said I have no idea who will be at the number 1 spot when it comes to this one being done.

Continue reading “Top Five Best Girls of Winter and Spring Season”

Love Live Season 2 Review

title for love live Season 1 Review So, this goes all the way back to my fifth review. Back then I was really just starting out. I guess that could have been said when I did the Kamisama Kiss season 2 review. Well I guess this one is a little different compared to the other reviews I have done. For the first season well, Nick from Animecorps posted a lot about it on twitter and his blog from time to time and thanks for getting me into this series by the way. I was a little curious and watched it. So, I guess that is the little backstory. Anyway I enjoyed season one, but does the reason for me enjoying the first season translate well into the second season? Continue reading “Love Live Season 2 Review”

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