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Gourmet Girl Graffiti Review

Well, out of all the shows I posted in the poll, this was the second one voted by the community. The first one if anyone is curious was Saekano, which the review went out back a few months. So, unlike the previous series this one takes more of a pleasant Slice-of-Life Comedy where there is no need to plow on through but let it settle for a bit between episodes. So begins the review for Food Porn the Animation, sorry that is now Shoguki no Soma, Gourmet Girl Graffiti.

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Death Parade Review


There were six shows from the winter 2015 season that I was going to review. Among them there were three that were voted on by my readers. This is not one of those. In all honesty for this show, like some shows throughout the anime season, I drop some half way through but this was one of the few that I picked up halfway. This is an original piece, with the fact it had a short film last year known as Death Billiards, this is the follow-up to that. I will note that I did not see the previously mentioned short. But within the last year for original pieces that dare not have any source material very few and very few come start of strong and end stronger than they originally began, is this one of those series?

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