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Yamada and the Seven Witches

Yamada and the Seven Witches Episode 3 and 4 review

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So, you might be wondering a few things why is this only coming out now when episode five just aired? Why is it covering 3 and 4? If this is a weekly review why is it not coming out weekly? Well, about that. I am going to be cutting back on my posts, to at least two a week during the summer. The second being I wanted to try something different, since these weekly reviews are a work in progress so I want to try doing two episodes instead of one. So when summer comes I can cover two different series on an every other week schedule? That is if I like the method for covering two episodes at once there are also going to be minor changes in the set up compared to the first two episodes. Another thing being busy with school I am only watching episode 3 the day after episode 4 went up and started to write this to prepare it a week in advance since like I said I want to stick to my schedule for when posts come out. So, I am sorry for the delay and I hope you understand. I will say at the end of this post if I will keep the two episode format and without further ado time to start.

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Yamada and the Seven Witches Episode 2 review

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Yeah, I did it everyone, wait, maybe I should wait to cheer when I am at least at episode eleven and not the second episode. Sure writing this means I actually was able to write or at least start writing the second episode review and since this is the first series I am doing it this is a little bit of an accomplishment. That and I really wanted to do something here before start diving into what the plot for this episode was. So without further ado, time to get started.

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Yamada and the Seven Witches Ep 1 Review

Yamada Title

This will be different from my normal reviews. Also, I am a little uncertain how I will be doing this for future weekly reviews so keep that in mind. I would like to add it mostly will focus on the plot. A brief talk about new characters that show up before diving into key plot points, my final thoughts, and that is about it I think.

Anyway before I begin I am a little concerned for this series. I do enjoy the manga, although I have not read it in sometime and am only about 40 chapters in out with well over 100 more to catch up. I know the first arc with all the witches is well into the seventies I think for chapters, although I am uncertain and if someone does know where that moment I am talking about is please tell me. So, without further ado time to get started.

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Pre-Spring 2015 First Impressions

I would like to start off before I begin and say that I am still trying to figure out how I should handle the first impressions on a seasonal basis. I am thinking of doing normal first impressions for series that I begin, but this will be completely different. This is also so much more different from the winter season and the summer season I might do it differently as well. I am doing this in several parts. This one is my thoughts before the show. Then after the first episode, and lately after episode six where I will talk about if I am still watching it or not. I am uncertain if I will put them individual parts, I think I will, although I will not know until the first episode. I am also open to suggestions on how to go about with this.

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