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Yamada and the Seven Witches Final Episode Review

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Now, here is where I congratulate myself for finishing my first weekly review series. I made it, sure it was a little bumpy in the middle where I did two episode reviews instead of one, but I still did it and managed to do it all the way through. I aim to change it up next time for the next weekly review series. Anyway I will talk a bit more at the end. So, I will also give my score for the series as a whole. Without more distractions, time to get started for the final time in this RomCom Body Switching series.


As always with weekly reviews it will contain spoilers. However since this is the final episode I am doing a bit of what I normally do for a full series review. If you would like to know the thoughts I suggest skipping the plot section.

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Yamada and the Seven Witches Episode 11 Review

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Well it is finally the next to last episode and before I begin all I want to do is say wow after this one. This was the first time I was so focused on the episode I hardly got any pictures. I am probably going to be talking a lot about my 11 4thoughts on this one more than plot. I also would like to state I have since edited last week’s review to give it a proper score since that “plot hole” was touched upon by some people as well as this episode itself on how the seventh witches power is not through kissing and can affect witches.

As always with weekly reviews this contains spoilers to the episode that is one reason why I wait a few days before posting.

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Yamada and the Seven Witches Episode 10

Yamada Title

Well, only two more episodes, and the path to the finally is starting to be clear as this episode continues right where the last one left off and the next one looking like it will do the same. The series, although in my eyes had its ups and downs, and well I am really making this sound like the final review, so I am just going to stop here and actually do the review now for the tenth episode.

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Yamada and the Seven Witches Episode 9 Review

Yamada Title

Well nine episodes in three more to go, still have yet to try to continue with the source material. But anyway besides me just rambling here to pass time, and instead of doing that let’s begin.

As always, since I am just remembering, spoilers to the plot of this episode, that is one reason why I do not post these same day.

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Yamada and the Seven Witches Episode 8 Review

Yamada Title

Besides the obvious fact that I am now pass the part where I am for the source material and am now in unknown territory this mystery is becoming more of a mystery for me. Anyway besides the inevitable me wanting to say Senpai notice me, I think I might have found one of my favorite witches in this episode. But who knows there are still two more witches to go that need to be found. Anyway time to get started.

I also should have mentioned this from the start, but spoilers to the plot of the episode.

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Yamada and the Seven Witches Episode 7 Review + OVA 2

Yamada Title

             Another episode, wait let me stop before my typical ramble for a second.

            We didn’t start the fire it’s been burnin since the worlds been turnin.


            Watch out, you might get what you’re after. Something, something, burnin down the house.

Alright now that I got those music references out of my system time to get started with talking about this episode. Before I begin I will complain on the fact that once again it felt a little rushed, with another witch solved and it is clear all witches will be present. So, hopefully I will cover the recently released OVA as well at the end of this, not as a review, just my thoughts, since I did enjoy the first one when that came out in December. So without further ado, hopefully the music references that make me seem a lot older than I really am are done for me and it is time to start.

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Yamada and the Seven Witches Episode 5 and 6 Review

Yamada Title

Well, I am back, and I am just going to say that I am thinking of going back to the old format of it being one episode per review instead of two. I do like the convenience of two episodes, but the problem I have is not when it comes to writing this, but watching the show. Episode 6 aired a few days ago and episode 5 aired over a week ago. At the time of writing this, the day before I post it, I just watched episode 5 and have yet to watch episode six. Then again I want to write my thoughts on episode 5 before I forget when watching episode 6. Anyway, I hope by going back to just a single episode I can watch the show without waiting almost two weeks before watching the next two. So, episode 7, unless of course I have changed my mind will be a single episode review. So, without further ado, time to get started.

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Yamada and the Seven Witches Episode 3 and 4 review

Yamada Title

So, you might be wondering a few things why is this only coming out now when episode five just aired? Why is it covering 3 and 4? If this is a weekly review why is it not coming out weekly? Well, about that. I am going to be cutting back on my posts, to at least two a week during the summer. The second being I wanted to try something different, since these weekly reviews are a work in progress so I want to try doing two episodes instead of one. So when summer comes I can cover two different series on an every other week schedule? That is if I like the method for covering two episodes at once there are also going to be minor changes in the set up compared to the first two episodes. Another thing being busy with school I am only watching episode 3 the day after episode 4 went up and started to write this to prepare it a week in advance since like I said I want to stick to my schedule for when posts come out. So, I am sorry for the delay and I hope you understand. I will say at the end of this post if I will keep the two episode format and without further ado time to start.

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