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Top Five Magical Girl Series Revisited

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The Favs 9: A Certain Scientific Railgun

I am a little uncertain where to begin about this series or what to say in the opening. Typically I mention something on why it is here or something brief about it before going into the finer details. Yet although this is a spin-off of A Certain Magical Index, which I did a few posts back, I still do not know what to say. I already covered another spin-off before so I guess I will say it again how I hold spin-offs just as high as the original a majority of the time. With that said let’s get started.

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Tale of the Three Kingdoms (Sort of): Koihime Musou Season 1 Review  

This show falls under that category of finding anime in a weird way. There is this YouTube channel that is dedicated to the Ojou-sama laugh, and well although I am not a fan of it I got curious. Some things led to another and here I am writing the review. Koihime Musou is the first of three seasons. I am uncertain if I will cover the other two, however let’s begin and focus on this one. Continue reading “Tale of the Three Kingdoms (Sort of): Koihime Musou Season 1 Review  “

Ace Attorney Episode 1-6 Impressions With Other Series

Due to the hiatus I was unable to do first impressions of the season. At the same time I sort of viewed it a little pointless to do mid-season impressions like two weeks after doing the first few episode impressions. So the mid-season impressions will be in two parts. I am primarily will be focusing on Ace Attorney for this post, however I will touch upon other shows this season. Unlike previous seasons I actually have not dropped anything, so there is a lot to cover.

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Top Five Anime Moms

In that half-awake state after being awake for an hour during the week, I can be a little random. I am even more random from 10-midnight on the weekends. At the same time I can screw myself over. This was one of those things waking up during the week I did a poll. It did very well, so I just screwed myself over. Plus I mean since joining twitter I gained the odd obsession with anime moms. So to be a man of my word, here are the Top Five Anime Moms for Mother’s Day. Continue reading “Top Five Anime Moms”

Winter 2016 Final Impressions

What happened? Seriously, I dropped a lot. I mean let me see what I completed, when I started to write about this. Erased, KonoSuba, umm, what else? That is it. So, what happened?

Alright so after a week since writing that opening time to talk about what happened exactly, since I did finish other shows.

So, school work is the main cause, I have class 5 days a week and 4 of those days are dedicated to homework. Plus not a lot was airing that I enjoyed. There are still some that I am about 3 episodes away from finishing and would still like to finish, but time to continue with my thoughts.

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The Favs 8: Love Live

With the Final Live being the end of Muse, since it is the final concert that the VAs are doing since their contract expires. I decided to give a proper send off and talk about this series in this Fav post.

It is my first idol anime. Although that does not make it for being a favorite. I have seen a lot of anime and I have a lot of shows that I deem as a favorite. Sometimes it is of a genre and sometimes I just enjoy it enough where I would label it a fav.  So, time to talk about a series whose character’s story has been told. It may be coming to an end, but more will be coming, with Love Live Sunshine this summer, but they will be the first and should be remembered as the ones that started it all. Without further ado, let’s get started.

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The Favs 6: Kiddy GiRL-AND

Hello, and welcome to the series of posts I do where I discuss my favorite series. One thing I really like about anime is that we can all enjoy different series. In this shows case it is the sequel to one of my previously covered series, Kiddy Grade. Now because of this, unlike posts before this may contain minor spoilers to the previous series. Some series that I may cover will be spin offs or sequels or even prequels. Regardless of this I would still love to hear about your favorite series, even if it is not this one or even your thoughts on this series if you saw it. Either way I hope you enjoy as I talk about the sequel Kiddy GiRL-AND.

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Winter 2016 Mid-Season Impressions

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