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I want a Goddess Like You: Oh My Goddess Omnibus 1 Review

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Akame ga Kill Manga Vol 1 Review

Before I begin with my random talking to introduce the review I would like to say that for all my manga reviews, although hopefully I will remember to post something like this at the start, that I am only going to review manga that I buy. Since I buy manga that I like enough to buy it, I will do my best to be as least bias then my normal reviews since entertainment factor plays more of a role for what I find entertaining. If you feel this is a problem for the manga reviews, then I would like to apologize, but you can at least get the perceptive of someone who enjoys it to the point where they bought it, although I am making sure I do point out its flaws so it does not look like I am not giving it just praise. At the same time I will make a brief say on my thoughts before the final score that if this holds up to later or prior to the point in the series, this in no way will affect the score of the review since it did not happen yet. With that said, time to get to the actual review.


Akame ga Kill, I honestly feel like I am bringing it up almost every week if not every other week here. As I have mentioned time and time again it is my favorite manga. When the manga was announced to get an official English release I did my high pitch joy screech that not only put twelve-year-old girls at their favorite boy band to shame but has my family questioning if there is something wrong with their twenty-two year old son. The high pitch screech nearly returned once more in the store when going to purchase it and I think I frightened one of the customers. However, will going back down memory lane for my favorite series be a good thing or will it make me question liking this series as a whole. This is reviewed as a Dark Fantasy, Tragedy.

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