Now, you might be wondering, there are series reviews and weekly reviews, what are Bulk Episode reviews? Well, I decided that since A Certain Magical Index was getting a third season, that I would go back and watch and review the first two seasons. However, I did not want to do one post at a time for a series with forty-eight episodes. Thus, Bulk Episodes reviews, covering a chunk of episodes. However, I did not want to stop there.

Currently, there are plans to review other series in bulk. They will be shows I enjoyed years ago, only I been wanting to rewatch them. They will cover more episodes than how the Index reviews where, and are a cross between a series review and episode review.

It will vary, some series might be just twenty-four or so episodes, others could be the standard twelve. However they are, I plan to post one episode a month and try to get a new series out once every three months. Depending on the length of the series this is subject to change.

However, while they are all shows I seen previously, I might pick a handful that I would like to watch, but there will be polls dedicated to have the reader’s choice of what show I will be reviewing here. Announcements will be on the monthly update and on the official Twitter.


A Certain Magical Index Season 1 and Season 2

Original Air Date: 2008-2010

  1. S1 Episode 1-3: Rotten Luck
  2. S1 Episode 4-6: Memory
  3. S1 Episode 7-9: Deep Blood
  4. S1 Episode 10-14: Sisters
  5. S1 Episode 15-17: Angel Fall
  6. S1 Episode 18-20: Three Stories
  7. S1 Episode 21-24:  Kazakiri Hyouka
  8. S2 Episode 1-5: Orsola Aquinas Rescue
  9. S2 Episode 6-7: Tree Diagram Remnant
  10. S2 Episode 8-10: Daihasei Festival Part 1
  11. S2 Episode 11-13: Daihasei Festival Part 2
  12. S2 Episode 14-16: The Queen of the Adriatic Sea