Wow, the ending of this episode had a lot of emotional impact. Just, wow. I guess I will walk about that a bit more towards the end of this post. Let’s get right into it.

The Plot:

Following the previous episode Jodo Kirin is setting in motion his revenge scheme. He plays it off nice too, making it sound like they are following a script. So Reigen jumps on the opportunity that the boy is just acting.

mob psycho 100 S2 ep 7 pic 1

Of course, the boy seemingly is. Reigen throws salt, and it actually works for once. So, he keeps up the act, for thirty minutes. Until ultimately the host asks Jodo to take over, who responds with how the boy was never possessed to begin with. Thus, he gets praise and Reigen is quickly questioned as to why he did not know of the boy acting all along.

Thus, like a wildfire, a lot of his old clients, some fake ones too, start to reveal his conning ways. Some did say he did nothing wrong, but did not say anything. Thus, in the public eyes he is the ultimate evil. Which not only gets people he knows personally to hate him, but he gets forced into a press conference.

At first it seems like it isn’t going well. He says how nothing was ever proven. He also said he was not going to answer if he was a psychic or not because he knew they would not be satisfied unless he said no. But as they start asking other questions he answers them truthfully, how he never scammed anyone.

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The press conference then puts him into a corner, he is asked why he even started the business. He freezes and thinks about it. How he even originally thought about closing his business. It was thanks to meeting Mob that very fact changed. He helped him, and honestly admired how Mob came into his life, and how he wishes to be a bit more like him. He of course is starting to regret what he said to Mob, how he might have been holding him back this whole time.

But, just as all hope seems lost the room begins to shake, cameras fly into the air. He ends the press conference on the note he is a psychic. Of course, as he walks out, and he sees Mob. He asks him the simple question that he saw everything. Mob responds how he knew the truth all along and how Reigen was a good man. Thus, ending the episode.

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Overall Thoughts:

I am honestly not sure where to begin when talking about this episode as a whole. The later half certainly was the strong point, a great way to end this two episode arc, and overall a great way to give more depth to both Reigen and his relationship with Mob. It was certainly interesting to see Reigen get conned, and well, the fact he knew it was an act only added to the twist of him still getting screwed over. One instance from the previous arc certainly added to this scene and help set in motion that ending.

While I have a feeling, this might be the last time we see Jodo Kirin, I won’t be surprised if he shows up again. He is said to be a powerful psychic, and although we got a glimpse of him using his powers, it still feels like there is not much more that can be done with him. He really served as a means to progress the main characters, which can happen at times in series, but, he has no real depth to him from the last two arcs. Both cases he only helped move the plot forward.

Now, as for the later half of the episode. As much as it was painful to see, Reigen’s experience mimics what can happen in the real world. He got caught, and then everyone put a massive target on his back. Yes, he is technically a con man, however he technically never conned anyone. So, the press conference sees really help back up the fact he is not a bad guy in both means of being defined as a bad guy. People who had back problems, had their issue solved, people who had something in their photo they did not want, he solved it, and when it did come to the few cases when there was a spirit involved he still solved it.

But, as for the question that was put on him, it was that one that help give more depth to Mob’s relationship. It was said last season when Mob came to his door Reigen wanted to help Mob. Sure, at first, he also saw the money side of things, but, he still wanted to help him. He gave Mob the advice he needed. But remembering this not only opened up to the fact he wished to be a bit more like Mob, but the fact he is questioning his own role now with him. If he is really holding Mob back, and well, that certainly feels like their relationship will change.

Then as for the very ending, well, I have a feeling Mob really does know the truth and has known that Reigen does not have psychic powers. But, his words are true with how he knew Reigen was always a genuine good person from the very start. It was a nice way to wrap up this two-episode arc focusing on Reigen.

Overall Enjoyment: 99/100

Overall Score: A-

Crunchyroll has licensesed this series, Dark Horse Comics is now releasing the manga in the US.

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