So, as I said when season one ended, if I am still blogging I will review it weekly, well I am and so I will. But I think this time around things will be different. Also like my Keijo Weekly reviews I am going to have a trend with the titles. So, since I keep saying it is like the anime fantasy version of It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia, titles will share how titles of episodes would be like. So, there is that. But enough about that, time to talk about the show.

The Plot:

We get a Star Wars like recap of last season. Well, mostly the fact Kazuma was brought back to life in another world.


Of course, for those, including myself, who had trouble remembering, Season One ended with a Prosecutor calling out Kazuma for blowing up the Lords mansion. He thought he was going to get a reward for destroying the Destroyer, but well he did not. So, he is now in jail wanting to go back to Japan.


What happened earlier was as he met with the prosecutor, he refused to go to jail. But after some of the people standing up for him, Aqua, Megumin, and Darkness and random Adventurers, it was best for just Kazuma to take the blame so they all would not go to jail. Although Darkness does not mind going to jail in Kazuma’s place, it does not work out.

So, the night in jail he is greeted by Aqua, who wants to help him escape. She uses Megumin as cover to cause an explosion so the guards can look to see. Aqua gives Kazuma a wire to try to lock pick his way out. But that does not do much since the lock is a padlock. So, Kazuma calls it a night.


The following night is different. This time Aqua comes with a hacksaw, so Kazuma can cut the bars to go through the window. Also the world’s investigative ability is a lot better than what Aqua thought. They see Megumin as a suspect for the explosion the night before, so this time they wear masks. Either way the hacksaw plan does not work since Kazuma cannot reach the window and Aqua cannot give him a box to stand on as a gift.

So, the Prosecutor returns. This time with a magical item lie detector. Kazuma tells the truth on wear he comes from, and after several times gets a little annoyed by it. He also does not like the fact that he saved the city from both the Dullahan and the Destroyer, but all his earnings for saving the town went right to debt to pay for damages. The tables are turned slightly since the prosecutor lets his troubles slide, but in typical fashion this glimmer of hope does not last. He is also sentenced to death since he said no when asked if he was working with the Devil King’s officers. Wiz is one, so he was caught in a bad situation.

Then he goes to court. So who could save Kazuma, well obviously it was put up to Aqua, Megumin, and Darkness so it was not looking good.


His defense does not look any better when all the trials that are brought up, which happened in episode 3 when he learned the steal ability and episode 5 with the guy from the other world. So, he is looked at like a perverted thief. Also using undead magic, back in the final episode of season one. So he is seen as guilty.

But Kazuma is not going to die again yet. He yells that he is not a terrorist and has no involvement with the Devil King’s army. So the lie detector does not go off. He did not lie since Wiz did leave the Devil King’s Army, she may be a former officer, but not anymore. So, his case is cleared, almost.


The lord whose house the blew up is still not happy. So Kazuma is going to be executed. That is until Darkness reveals her real identity. She did reveal to Kazuma back in I believe episode 6, she is from a noble family. Well it turns out her family is super famous and super close to the royal family. So the lord is quickly out classed. That and there was a near riot.

With the case closed Kazuma is put on a watch list.


Also to pay off the debt the court takes everything from Kazuma and crew’s house to pay for the damages.


Overall Thoughts:

Besides me being grateful for my reviews to look back and remember stuff, this episode was a nice combination of recap and comedy. Sure it was not that much of a recap episode, most of the stuff it brought up was minor. But there were clear hints at all the previous episodes in dialogue.

So, it was nice seeing all the things that happened to Kazuma in season one make a return to always bite him in the bum. Of course despite all the terrible things he done just as many bad things happen to him.

This episode was a great way to start the new season. I always have trouble remembering airing shows for who the characters are, or plot, when a new season appears a year or two later. It is nice to see Konosuba did not have that fate and made a lasting impression. Sure there was the minor detail how season one ended, but other than that I remembered everything that was mentioned and got a good chuckle from it too.

I do fear the comedy might get old, but at the same time I do not see it happening. I think enough bad things happen that are so random it makes up for it possibly getting stale. It has that perfect blend were sometimes it feels like they are not trying to be funny, yet it is. I think this episode made great proof of that, even using some previous used materials as jokes.

Either way nice set up for this season. The ending clearly gave a motive to push Kazuma forward more. Although it will probably end badly, by the looks of the third volume of the light novel, we will get plenty more of Darkness’ backstory and yes it will probably continue to go poorly.

 Personal Enjoyment: 90/100

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Feel free to give your thoughts on the series or this episode, just keep in mind for spoilers for later episodes.

As always I hope you enjoyed.

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