Well, I did not die of laughter in the final episode, since I am here to write the final episode review. Either way let’s get right into it.

The Plot:

With Maya going into Maya Alter mode (yes I figured out the possible Saber reference) last episode, it is time for the battle conclude. Of course the violent retaliation from the personality known as Kaya puts a good amount of damage on Nozomi.


Not only this, but Kaya persona is apparently the number one player for Suruga.


But the odds are still two against four. But it turns into a one on four since Kaya takes out her own teammate to take on all her opponents. Kogatana goes to attack only to have Kaya catch Kogatana’s boobs with her own. The speedy neko goes, but Kaya catches her butt with her boobs. Thus both are delivered pretty harsh blows. Even making it a one on three knocking Kogatana out.

Kaya goes on the attack against Nozomi, using one breast to hit her other to cause a sonic blast. This makes Nozomi weakened and nearly collapsed. But she is not done yet. She wants to still fight Maya not Kaya.


Then Kawaii uses a new technique on Nozomi. Rackupressue, which apparently brings out a person’s full potential and heals them.  This gives Nozomi a huge boost, and her ribbon around her neck. Also her buddies got knocked out so it becomes one on one.

Nozomi is able to handle several attacks and even dish out some strong ones of her own. She wants to still fight Maya, and tries to talk to her. Nozomi tells her that she will not be abandoned if she loses. And well soon enough Maya appears again and both go all out.

Nozomi uses the Vacuum Butt Cannon again, and several more times. But it is still not enough. With 30 seconds left they both only have enough power for one all-out attack. Nozomi gives an all-out vacuum butt cannon. But Maya counters to deflect the power. Nozomi uses this to add another spin and, literally pierces Maya with her erect nipple to win the match.

This is probably the most I will ever talk about anything like this again, but the episode is not over, even with Nozomi’s school being declared the winners.


Maya reconciles with her mom, who is very proud of her.


Nozomi is very glad she found Keijo and it is something she really enjoys.


Later on there is a party with both schools. Everyone gets along, some more than others. And Maya is sleeping it off. Thanks to Nozomi the reason for her split personality is no longer needed, and thus a huge weight is off her shoulders.



Upon actually going to the party, it is clear that Maya would like to fight to win against Nozomi some other time.


The future looks bright, as the teachers of both schools look at their students knowing the pros will have a run for the money.


Sometime later, the year of training at Keijo school comes to an end. Nozomi and the others are now considered pros. Her and Miyata will be in the same branch and can go against one another, of course Aoba and Non are going to be there too.

Although all the girls are heading their separate ways, they take some photos and look forward to the day when they can fight on the land again, be it as friends or foes.

Then it turns out there is still plenty more in their journey. Nozomi wanting to become race queen has a long way to go. They will have one month-long introductory course before they can debut. As Nozomi and Miyata enter the new place, there are plenty of people ready to take them on hearing about the East West War MVPs coming here.

Overall Thoughts:

This episode was certainly enjoyable. It is a little saddening to see it go, and thus become another show that might not get another season. But despite the bad sales of the series, the anime nearly caught up to the manga. So regardless of reason if there would be another season it would not be for some time.

But, ignoring this fact, this episode was a decent ending to the series. It not only gave a good ending to Nozomi and her friends time as trainees, but clearly showed their journey is never over. Even now that it ended with them going pro, they still have plenty of ways to continue on.

This episode in terms of the fight did stay ridiculous, but more serious in tone. It was not silly moves or anything like it. It may have taken away from the comedy aspect of the series, but it brought back something this arc was trying to start off on, being serious and treating this final match as serious. It came full circle, although it was a little rough, it did make this match between Nozomi and Maya feel all that more important and really help show how far Nozomi came since she started.

I do wish this episode was more comedic, there were moments throughout, but it is hard to keep the balance with what was trying to be accomplished, any other way would have ruined both the comedy and serious tone they were going for in the final fight.

Still this show was certainly entertaining. It may have some other issues, but in terms of enjoying it to its fullest, and getting a few laughs, this show went beyond my expectations of that, and therefore I am glad.

Overall Enjoyment: 95/100

Feel free to give your thoughts on the series or this episode.

As always I hope you enjoyed.

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– Joe