I do not do Manga reviews often. When I do they are always based off of series that I own. So if you are wondering which ones those are and would like to ask about a certain series, check the Collection page. I might do impressions for Manga series as well if people are willing to recommend or suggest certain series and I could do my thoughts on the first few chapters. Not sure if I would put it here or under my first impressions page. But I will figure that out when I do that. The other part of this, may have movie, graphic novels, or tv show reviews, which would either not or rarely happen.


Manga Reviews

  1. Akame ga Kill Volume 1 
  2. Attack on Titan Volume 1
  3. Fairy Tail Volume 1
  4. Monster Musume Vol 1
  5. Monster Musume Vol 2
  6. Oh My Goddess Omnibus 1

Comics/Graphic Novels

  1. Marvel Masterworks: Avengers Vol 1
  2. Marvel’s Civil War

Video Game Reviews

  1. Pokemon Red Version
  2. HyperDimension  Neptunia (Over on Yuri Nation)