The series is licensed by Seven Seas in North America, so support the official release. There is also an anime, which I did weekly reviews on when it aired. I will talk a tiny bit of the details in comparing the two at the end. So, let’s get started and I hope you enjoy. Also sort of maybe NSFW.

Three years prior to the start Japan passed an Interspecies Cultural Exchange Act. This act allowed mythical like creatures such as lamias, mermaids, catgirls, and just about anything be known to the public. This act also allows for a sort of foreign exchange student program where these creatures can come and live with normal host families. Of course laws in placed are passed to prevent harm to either side, dating, and mating between humans and these creatures. Kimihito becomes a host family by force taking care of a Lamia known as Miia. But soon other monster girls join and a proposal to see if humans can marry these creatures, making Kimihito in the center of it all.

Well, this series is a more comedic harem than romantic comedy written by Okayado. This series is very ecchi. For those that seen the anime, which I still give praise for how they handled the censoring, the manga does not have those and is not afraid to be fully ecchi in much more ways.

musume 1 2
It is not like this in the manga.

I have been reading this series for a long time. Now I cannot really get into ecchi anime or manga for that matter. Even series such as High School DXD or To Love Ru, that I enjoyed in my earlier years of anime I do not enjoy nor feel like I can watch anymore. Monster Musume, or Monmusu, may be about their levels of ecchi, but does not bother me as much.

It is due to actually being used to the ecchi of this series I find it rather enjoyable. There are not many clichés like other ecchi series with repetitive jokes. Yes, Kimihitio may get into situations that are cliché like, but there are not many of them. Plus no high school drama since they are all around the age of 18 to 20 so you do not get a lot of the clichés that are in most anime in general.


However unlike series I previously mentioned where the main lead is either clumsily getting into the situations and is dense, or is a perv through and through, Kimihito is different compared to any harem protagonists. Now, I am up to date with the releases, but even in the first two chapters it is clear Kimihitto actually cares for the girls. You may notice his eyes change. When his face is clear this is his more gentleman like features kicking in. All other times he seems to be just a plain guy. So for people who may want to read an ecchi series but do not want to deal with a terrible male lead, this certainly is a good series for that.


The girls are the unconventional monster girls compared to other manga and anime of this nature. This will be true even much later in the series. If you are expecting catgirls to appear anytime soon you won’t get them. But each have similar traits and even jokes that go with them. Papi is birdbrain, Cerea is noble and Centaurs are seen as a noble race. While Miia being a lamia, she has traits like a snake.

monster-musume-plotPlot wise this series is never really the series strong suit; this is more overarching than individual chapter wise. Although the overarching plot does not become apparent until the end of the volume, the series tends to be episodic like much like the chapters in the first volume. This tends to be fun, with the series being long there are hardly any repetition in terms of events. Each one is different and can hold the interest and make up for the lack of overarching plot. If you are looking for an overarching plot, you are not really going to get it. There are story arcs later on that focus on individual characters, for now this was just introduction to the first three girls, Miia, Cerea, and Papi.

When it comes to art, for starts it improves over time. Despite this everything is drawn rather well, especially in the finer details. This is mostly in Miia’s scales or Papi’s wings were are very detailed. There are certainly other things that are in the more ecchi verity that are more detailed, but I do not feel like saying any more than that. The art style is not dark in gritty or too light. It works for the comedic nature of the series and ecchi-ness too.

I enjoy the series for its comedic-ness. I always have. The first volume just starts the comedic nature of the series. It does get more comedic, especially with more monster girls later in the series. It also gets more ecchi too. But it keeps the balance rather well and does not get repetitive. The first volume certainly gives off the feeling it could, but at the same time it also gives a lot of what other series do not do.

Although the series tends to always be on the best sellers list in America, I like to think because the series is enjoyable and fun. The first volume brings out that nature and what to expect for the long run. Certainly if you saw the anime and enjoyed it, you will enjoy the manga just as, if not more.

Story: C
Art: A
Characters: A
Overall Score: B
Personal Enjoyment: 90/100

I have read the volume several times, but the last time was before the anime came out. I found it just as enjoyable as my last reading.

Anime Talk:

The anime early on really followed the manga rather well. There were several chapters that were skipped, but none of those were in the first volume. To get an idea what to expect for chapters in the first volume, Episode 1 to the first half of Episode 3 adapt all the chapters.
As I said the manga does not hide the ecchi like the anime, so be prepared.

What are your thoughts on the manga as a whole or just this volume? Feel free to even talk about your thoughts on the anime as well.


As always I hope you enjoyed.

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– Joe