So, I made a slight error in judgement, I thought this was the final arc. Honestly, I should have looked it up, I only guessed judging by the direction the story was going and judging based on the average length of chapters. It then turns out some chapters are whole volumes long towards the end. So, apparently, according to some people, there is still enough source material for a third season, which honestly since there is now an OVA planned, maybe a season three seems likely. Sure, the manga ended a year ago, but that did not stop a season two. This season was way more popular, so I would not be surprised if they decide to wrap up everything. Anyway, enough about that, and let’s get right into it. But still, hopefully there will be a third season, either way I am reading the manga now and will know how it ends sooner than later.

The Plot:

The fight between Mob and Touichirou kick off. Mob does go all out too. But even then Touichirou has a lot of power behind his boast of being the world’s strongest. Mob soon realizes he went out of control, and it is this conflict and fear of going out of control and hurting people he cares for, he snaps out of his rage. He tells Touichirou that while he might have been gifted in luck, his real weakness is the lack of bonds.

The fight continues to escalate into inhuman levels. But, Mob is nearly killed, only to nearly snap again. With the energy blast heading towards him, he again snaps back to normal. He does not wish to see the people he cares for thus giving him a tremendous power boost.

Touichirou’s power then gets too out of control and he is about to explode. Mob rushes to tell the others to feel. Before they realize it, Mob is back with Touichirou. He tells him it would be sad to die alone. It is then he finds out Touichirou wishes to get back with his wife. Mob uses up more of his power to try to absorb as much as Touichirou’s power as possible to make that happen.

Some time passes, Mob wakes up from the explosion, life moves on. The claw members lost their scars, and all try making better lives for themselves. Touichirou is told by his son that well, his wife would still like to talk to him, also she would like to give him an earful. He is last seen thinking back on Mob, reaching out his hand offering help, and he thinks about making bonds might not be so bad.

At work Mob realizes what left a hole in his shirt, the broccoli seeds. It turns out that explosion left an odd tree, that tree happens to be those seeds to form a massive broccoli.

The show ends with Serizawa now working for Reigen and Mob being considered his senpai.

mob psycho 100 S2 ep 13 pic 15

Overall Thoughts:

Now that I know this is not the end. I am both okay with this being a final episode if it does not get another season, but I also still really want more. The action was certainly nice, but also seeing Mob’s growth in this episode compared to the rest of the series is nice. The drama this fight brought, while at times did feel a bit rapid fire, Mob letting loose, and also realizing what he is doing added more of a dire situation in this fight. He was coming into conflict with the fact he did not have the strength and even when he did, he was not only enjoying it but letting loose too much. Which of course continued to snap him back to reality, which again made for some great drama and more of an impact of this fight.

I did like the ending, sure the villain survived, which again made sense. But him turning a new leaf at the end certainly helps show Mob’s impact and his message. Bonds are important, the bonds he made him who he is now. He had that effect on Touichirou.

There was not too much action leading up to this fight, and while I do wish some of the other parts did get a bit more action, I am okay with that. This fight was satisfying and more about the message that the series has been conveying.

This episode did feel like a good final, as I previously said. This can be seen with the level of the fight, what happened to everyone, from the psychics wanting to shut down the research, the Claw members losing their scars and now wanting their own normal lives, and of course a new addition to Reigen’s office. So, it did feel like a solid ending in this aspect. There are some plots left alone, Mob’s crush being the big one. But, here is still hoping for a third season. Either way this ride was fun while it lasted.

Overall Score: A

Personal Enjoyment: 99/100

Crunchyroll has licensesed this series, Dark Horse Comics is now releasing the manga in the US.

As always, feel free to comment your thoughts on the series, just keep in mind of spoilers for the series, and spin-offs too.

As always I hope you enjoyed.

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