Well, as the title suggests, goodbye. As much as I want to say sort of. Well, yeah, for all intended purposes this is goodbye and the final post.

Now, as of eight years ago today, this website was founded, I thought today, although unexpected, would be a good day to end it. As much as I would like to continue it. I cannot see myself doing it. For over the last year and a half I hardly posted anything. For the last two years, it has been a struggle. Mostly because of my mood. It dramatically affected my writing. But I can gladly say it is not my mood causing this. The reason oddly enough is my writing for being my reasoning for this being the final post.

Back in August I decided to buy myself a laptop that I would only use for writing. Well, it certainly helped. Since then, I probably got more done on my book than I have in the last two years. While I have tried and failed several times in recent months to get a blog post done, the passion was somewhat there, but the urge was not. I did not try writing anything on my laptop so, perhaps I was just too distracted. Which I felt was the main reason being on my gaming computer, that it made it hard to switch to writing.

Now, I could say yeah, I am going to try writing more, get stuff done, and use my laptop. As much as I would like to do that for this site. I just do not have enough time in the day like I used too in order to work on my book and my blog. My novel has been the most important thing to me. While my blog has too these past eight years, and even when I was not posting it was still on my mind. I found myself at times struggling on either working on my book or this site. I felt conflicted, and a bit guilty working on my book, but thinking of how I should be writing here.

So, to make sure my dream of being an author come true, I need to say goodbye to this site.

Which is hard. Really, really hard.

I want to say, maybe, if I find time and there is something I want to write here I will post here. Maybe that will be the case. But, as I have said since honestly the first anniversary, that I don’t want to disappear without saying goodbye. The last year of not posting, made it seem like that biggest fear came true. So, I felt like now that I am in the mood to write again and have been writing a lot, I need to let go of this place to keep moving forward. Perhaps in a year time and things change and I do have time to write here again, and I could come back. At least that is my hope. But again, I am tired of making promises. I don’t want to think if I change my mind, or whatever because I don’t want to say goodbye. I need to though.

This site has also been primarily focused on anime and granted I did watch 4 different series of Yugioh this year, which is pushing about 500 episodes, that is all I really watched in terms of anime this year. I haven’t really watched anything to talk about and the like. Back in October I was planning on doing Mob Psycho 100 Season 3, even wrote most of the post, but never went back to it. I just did not have the motivation. Again, I think that was due to not writing on my laptop, but details. With the lack of interest in anime, it sort of was another reason for me to think about ending it. Although I was thinking about doing Ancient Magus’ Bride Season 2 in the spring, and then deciding there if I should continue blogging or not. Again, I am sticking with my main reasoning and not trying to postpone it anymore.

Still, even on the last post, it was being much like a lot of them have been, going off a tangent. I honestly wouldn’t want it any other way.

This place has meant a lot to me the past few years. I made a lot of friends. So, I guess the real treasure was the friends we made along the way. But, joking aside. These past eight years have been fun. Early on this site was a form of escapism for me. It turned into a place I enjoyed and could write about things I like. I want to remember the place like that, and not a place where I just write whenever I felt like it.

So, I guess for the last time:

Thank you. Everyone, be it if you were somehow here since the beginning or only now just finding this place. It means a lot.

Lastly, I also want to thank this site. Which honestly feels weird to write, but it has meant a lot to me.

Also, if anyone wants to know, I do have a Twitter, where I rarely post stuff now. But, for all I know that site will be dead in a year. But anyway, that can be found here: @josefcd904

One last note, if I do somehow change my mind and do return, even if it is for a short time, I am probably just going to have to copy and past this post to be a real final post. But whatever.

So, for real this time. Goodbye.

– Joe