Alright, I do not really have anything to say, so we are just going to get right on into this episode. Although I did like how this one came out, it was rather enjoyable, but more on that later. I would also like to note that I unintentionally took almost a month break between starting and finishing this review, but still plan on continuing the show. Due to that this review is much shorter than normal.

The Plot:

The Second in Command Jahy we have known to have plenty people worship the ground she walks on, fear her, and all that jazz from the demon world, but of course that means with her high role someone will certainly want to take it, thus enters Saurva, who is a brilliant strategist, whose plans keep failing her. That is basically what this episode was about for most of it.

The later half of the episode deals with Jahy being nearly broke. As in just a few dollars left in her name and still a week left before her next paycheck. So, she decides to go out and try to find a means to make some money, only to unintentionally spend it all. But thanks to her super kind boss she had nothing to worry about as she was nice enough to give her the money, she needed a week in advance.

Overall Thoughts:

I really enjoyed this episode. Mostly because I always enjoy comedy episodes when someone is trying to do something with the main character being oblivious to the fact and the plans always fail without knowing, like the old Wil E Coyote cartoons. As for the other half, although it being completely predictable, I still liked it for the reactions. The second being low on money happens it is when it all goes downhill from there in shows. Still her sudden realizations on what she spends is like mine minus the lack of funds. Might have hit too close to home there.

Either way it was an enjoyable episode.

Overall Score: 80/100

Unintentionally I think I just found the answer to my problem. Although I never liked doing short reviews, I think it is the solution to the problem I am having. I think I will try doing it for future posts, or at least until I catch up on the show. Although now after forgetting to post this for a few weeks, and being 6 episodes behind instead of 3 like when I started this review originally I might do a bulk review to talk about my thoughts about all the in between episodes.