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Date A Live Theory 2

Date A Live Theory Case #0002 Phantom’s Identity (aka the one with the most insane theory ever)

Previous Case #0001



Staying similar to last time as I said before, there are a lot of unanswered questions to date for this series. Currently I am doing this one before the first one went up, so any form of change in how I do this have yet to be implemented, except one way. This theory, hopefully by the title, deals with Phantom’s Identity, two of the three speculations will bleed into the next case, which deals with Shido’s mother. The last theory is so outrageous. It is literally blowing my mind on how absurd it is just typing this part. I will also say that third theory, although can be taken as a joke in so many ways, might be one that there is more evidence for then any of the previous theory for Phantom’s identity to the point where this might be a two part theory. So, without further delay, let me talk a little bit about Phantom.

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Date A Live Theory 1

Date A Live Theory Case #0001 Where does Shido’s Power Come from?



I would like to say that I find Date A Live, for starters interesting. At times it is a little weird. This is not a review, and is more for people who have seen the series. I find this series rather odd compared to almost all anime for several reasons. The first being is the plot (Ha harem having a plot joke). What I mean by this is that there is a lot in this series that you do not normally see. Time is relevant, although it is less pointed out in the anime. Each novel a month pasts, or it turns into a new month, such as the case with Volume 8 and 9. So, time is important in this series in some way. Then there is my second point, where there is a really mystery on why some things are the way that there are. I do not see many series like this, where there is an over arcing mystery person, in this case Phantom. The only thing I can really can compare the mystery potion with the over arcing story is something that is more western. Anime tends to be closed off into story arcs, with some sort of story in the background of things. There are not many series where little bit of information is revealed over time, normally it is just in that story arc and it affects the next. I say that it feels more western is sort of with case dramas where the main character is trying to find a clue and over the seasons although there are other cases, there are some that relate to the main one. Date a Live is interesting and there are plenty of mysteries that fans can only speculate at. So, here are some of my theories and speculations for this particular series of posts that I will do time to time.

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