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Anime in 2016- The Good, The Bad, & The Meh

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Top Five Male Characters of Fate

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Fate Top Five Girls

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Collaboration with Unotaku

Hello fellow anime lovers and otakus, and thank you for spending your time reading this post! As you can already notice by my different writing style, I’m not Joe from The Reviewer’s Corner. I’m Daziigirl from the anime blog UNOTAKU and The Reviewer’s Corner and I decided to do a little collaboration together.

So this is what we’ve done: Both of us recommended each other to watch 3 episodes of an anime we liked and then we wrote a post about our first impressions and if we would want to continue watching it. The Reviewer’s Corner’s post will be on my blog, while this post is uploaded on his blog. So feel free to check both out! ^-^

I got recommended to watch the anime Golden Time, and that’s what I did. I watched the first 3 episodes of this romantic comedy, so here’s my opinion to it.

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