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I have a conundrum aka the 7th Anniversary post

 So, it has been a while. Honestly if not for today and this post being the anniversary post I either would have liked to of either done something different for this post or not have done a post at all. My last post was back in October and I was just getting back into the swing of things with blogging. So, what happened exactly and what is going to happen next. Well, time to answer that.

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I look to the past, but also think about the future

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I Meet My Idol

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I Work Towards My Dream

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I watch Anime and with others too (sort of)

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I Go To My First Con

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I Graduate

Before I start each time I wrote something that will be marked with a date. Some may be days side by side, others I do not know. I am uncertain if I will post this. If I do, well, yeah. This I guess is a document leading up to my College Graduation and my day of Graduation.

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I End One Chapter

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I, Think Ahead 6 Months

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