So, it has been a while. Honestly if not for today and this post being the anniversary post I either would have liked to of either done something different for this post or not have done a post at all. My last post was back in October and I was just getting back into the swing of things with blogging. So, what happened exactly and what is going to happen next. Well, time to answer that.

Where have I been?

So, it is unlike me, except this year apparently where I have had numerous cases of just disappearing. At least I make the effort or am still active on social media. Except the last two months I have hardly been on and when I have been on I mostly just retweet content.  My absence was rather abrupt and unexpected. I stated before I work in a school, or at least I think I did. Long story short the teacher was out in my classroom for two months, just got back the day I started to write this (two days ago) and I was in charge that entire time.

Needless to say, someone who is rather shy, easily stressed, and is normally low energy having to then be in a position that I find high stress, constantly talking, and requiring me to use much more energy than normal to do everything because my responsibilities just skyrocketed, well, I was way too exhausted to do anything. I haven’t even watched any anime the past two months, and I honestly think I have only seen like 5 episodes total, nothing new either. So, yeah, I typically have been getting home exhausted, play a bit of video games to calm down to relax and whatnot, and then go to bed. I haven’t even had a chance to work on my book, which I was also getting back into the swing of things and working on it again…..which sucks since now I now have to try again.

Anyway, it wouldn’t be me if I got off topic. But that gets me to a later point.

So, yeah, I have had a lot more of a responsibility at work, and that caused my stress levels to go up and the energy I have at the end of the day little to nonexistent. Granted it is always like that, I just had a lot less a lot sooner.

What Next?

I honestly don’t know. I am at a conundrum and have no clue. I want to write blog posts, but this past year and even years in the past it felt like the longer I go on here the harder and harder it gets to write stuff here. I like it. But I need to continue working on my book. On the other hand, I need to promote my own writing, and thus I do it here. Thu9000000000s, the conundrum. So, yeah, I have no clue. I might not be as active. But I also do not want to drag this site to the point where I am just trying to beat a dead horse and won’t let it die. I could argue that I have been doing that for a while. So, I don’t know, I don’t feel ready yet to say it is time to close the site.

I say this because this year has been hectic, thus the reason for me not posting as much here. So, it is understandable. So, hopefully next year will be different. I could be wrong. But hopefully I am right.

I know I said it last year, but I think this year I actually have the ability to do it and branch out more on the topics I do here. So, hopefully I will do it. But again, I do not know what to expect. I can hope and I can try, but I can still fail. Hopefully I won’t. I will mark this past year as a slight inconvenience and just move on from there.

As always thank you dear readers, and if I am unable to get to your comments, thank you for the anniversary wishes. Certainly this year is a lot more lackluster compared to all previous years, but that has been this year in a nutshell as well.

– Joe