Three episodes in well, this show isn’t bad, but it isn’t great either. The humor is certainly keeping me coming back. But I do not know yet, hopefully I can keep going through the series. For right now I will continue through. So, let’s get right into it.

The Plot:

Jahy’s single braincell is certainly strong this episode. Well, it all started with Jahy rather happy that she found the crystal in the previous episode. And while you may think that “Why doesn’t she just stay in her normal form all day” well, apparently this new crystal she can now work until last call instead of leaving early.

Of course, the lack in people praising her certainly brings her down. That is until her boss starts dishing out some praise.

And ultimately tricks her into using all the power of the crystal to do all the cleaning. 

Anyway, with plans of getting her boss to give her praise, it is up to getting praise from one of her subordinates Druj.

She wastes no time giving her Lord Jahy the praise she desires.

 But she then asks where the new crystal came from, which Jahy goes off giving an absurd story of how she got it.

Ultimately her pride is ruined with the discovery that Druj is upset that she only got one truckload this month.

The second half of the episode Druj discovering where Jahy works and Jahy gets a bad case of Foot in Mouth Syndrome, which digs her grave even more.

It gets to the point where she tells Druj it is her place, and she must tell her boss that she needs to pretend to be the owner today. But well, it does go somewhat well, with Jahy realizing it is the praise that keeps her working. Too bad the three days’ worth of pay has to come at the cost.


Well, while there was a little short goofy thing post credits, it had no effect on the plot, so I didn’t both. However hopefully they do more of it in future episodes to put more focus on the main bit of episode. That was something I rather enjoyed compared to the first two episodes where one of the stories felt rather out of place.

While there were still two distinct stories that were in a way connected, I found it working a bit better compared to the other episodes. Jahy is someone who is very prideful and well, not feeling pride in her work brings her down. But, as I said last time it is this pride that will often times lead to more comedic moments, such as her willingness to clean nearly everything and use up all her power just so she could show off.

Overall, this episode was better, but again, I will hold onto this show for a bit longer, as right now it is doing just alright.

Overall Score: B-

As always feel free to talk about the series, just try to be mindful of spoilers for things that haven’t happened yet.