So, it has been a while. I have been on a rather extended hiatus due to being busy with work and falling out of anime. Since my last post, on the blogs anniversary I have been thinking on what exactly I want to do with the site, shut it down or continue it. I have grown busy and do not have the time like I used to.

However, I actually have ideas for posts that I plan on doing.

*knocks on wood*

So, this post is different from my normal birthday blog posts …mostly since I forgot to upload it until nearly a week after my birthday…., as I am someone who tries to keep the tradition. (Aside from the fact I forgot to upload it for nearly a week and had to write this later)

Right now, I am working on one post, which I will be hopefully posting in the next week or so. So, that will be a comic focus posted. I have a few game ones, one of Legends Arcus, Cyberpunk 2077, and even Rimworld. I have a few comic related ones as well as a Yugioh post. So, hopefully in the next few months I can get those posts out.

I know when I started this site I wanted my primary focus on reviews, hence the name. It eventually changed a few months later where I wanted to do something on comics, and well, that rarely happened. For a time, I did do a “pick my next review” with manga and some comics I had, that for their first volume. A part of me wants to go back, especially since my collection has only grown since then, and by a sizeable amount too.

A part of me feels that one reason why my plans always fail here is I expect too much of myself. I put too much focus in thinking I will have enough time to work here, when, in reality, I don’t. So, I want to change that. I want to set a goal for this site now. With the changes in my life, I need to change what I do here. I certainly am not getting any younger, so it must be done. Although I have no idea if I will be doing future weekly reviews here. As of today, I am going to make it my goal to try to get at least one post out a month. I want more quality over quantity. I want to sit down and enjoy working on the stuff here, not forcing myself like I have in the past year or two when it has come to weekly reviews.

So, yeah, that is about it. My birthday post (that I forgot to post on my birthday) was more of an update, and the realizations I have made the past two months since the last blog post.

Until next time.

– Joe