Alright, so this one I actually had planned for a while. I am opening this up from anime, manga, and video games as well. There is something about one of the following tropes that I like. Could it be that the female prince character that always wins the hearts of all the girls only wanting to be treated more like a girl herself? Could it be that they just look good dress or disguised as a man due to various circumstances? There is something that makes them unique, that I just enjoy seeing. I have no idea why though, I just do.

Before I begin no matter how much it pains me the obvious answer for number 1 would be Arturia aka Saber aka my obvious waifu, so she will not be at number one due to the obvious answer.

oh no

So, now, without further ado, let’s get started.


Number ??: Hideyoshi Kinoshita (Baka and Test)

Remember Hideyoshi is Hideyoshi and thus has no gender. (Although it clams Hideyoshi is a boy, I just wanted to make that reference for once)


Number 5: Charlotte Dunios (Infinite Stratos)

Although I personally do not like Inifinite Stratos, mostly for starting the terrible and lazy trend in the harem genre of a boy being the only male to have ability and thus goes to an all-girl school.  There is also the characters that in the second season they were just terrible.

Enough about that, although Charlotte was
one of my least favorite characters. She still makes this list, also I wish the fact that she had to hide the fact she was a boy longer, just because it would have made things interesting. Although for a few episodes, it was fun regardless. She would be higher on the list, but she completely became nothing like what her character was after her first appearance, much like some of the girls in this show. So to avoid raging any more on this series, that is all.

neko yay

Number 4: Yuu “Prince” Kashima (Gekkan Shoujo Nozaki-kun)

The perfect and possibly the first “Prince” female character that I have run into. I loved the series and my only problem with it is the fact that there has not been more. Anyway as for Yuu she really seems like a guy until it is pointed out. All the girls fawn for her, she plays all the prince roles in plays, thus getting the nickname. She even flirts with the girls, unknowingly of course. I personally things like the fact that she wishes to act girly, only is terrible at it in every aspect that makes her enjoyable. Mostly because she gets embarrassed. Her character is always enjoyable no matter what.

the prince

 Number 3: Makoto Kikuchi (Idolmaster)

Although from the orginal Idolmaster I do enjoy all the characters, with my favorites being Takane, Azusa, and (unfortunate late entry to the point where I am displeased with myself from realizing it in the final episode) Kotori. Makoto would make it into the top five of that series. I really enjoyed her. Although I like Yuu from Nozaki-kun, Makoto has something about her that makes her more enjoyable. She becomes that prince character by every means unintentionally and does not wish to be part of it. There are times, specifically episode 8, where her less girly side and more “I am going to fight gangsters on rooftops” side shows. There is just something about her. When it came to her episode it made me appreciate her more. She had so much desire to be more girly, yet it is never achieved. Personally well (if I can find the tweets) my favorite scene was when a girl feel for her from the start. Makoto did not really do anything. But even without that prince like persona, I feel like I could still enjoy her character.

full shojo

Number 2: Yagyuu Kyuubei (Gintama)

So, this is basically a spoiler. The entire arc when she appears it is not till the final episode where Kyuubei is known to be a woman. This is mostly because she wants Otae to marry her. She wants to be a man, and was raised to be a man. By every means throughout the whole arc in the back of my mind, it felt as if I knew she would be a girl. Mostly because she has the trope “Girl raised to be a boy.” That arc is one reason why I really enjoy her. The gender bender arc as well, since she still looked the same, despite being male.

Something about her push to be male makes me enjoy her, that and the unintentional yuri route she wants to go. But there are times when she is girly and it is enjoyable, mostly because unlike the others on this list, she does not want to be part of it. Her character is still enjoyable and I like it when she shows up.


Number 1: Lucina (Fire Emblem Awakening)

Lucina is the game waifu. I will admit though her character is flawed and could have used work. In the first half of the game she plays an important role. She is thought to be a man, until I think chapter 6 or 8, I am uncertain. Anyway, there is just something about her that I like. Her character did not really change, which is my main problem. After she joins the group she just acts as a reminder that the future is in peril.

She is not really the character that cares that she hid the fact she was a woman. The only real reason for it was due to taking up the persona of Marth, and pretended to be a male because of it.

I think what really made me enjoy her character was the interactions with her parents. She was more focused on fighting and acts like it as well. She also does not have the greatest sense in terms of fashion or anything like that. I guess the really only thing going for her to get on this list is the fact she dressed as a male due to family circumstances.

Lucina pic
I do not own this. The creator of this can be found Here. Amazing job by the way.


Number 0: Obligatory Saber Part (Fate Series)

Do I even need to say? I mean it might not be obvious in Fate Stay Night. However in Zero and in looking into her backstory, she was thought to be a man by everyone. She acted like it on purpose to gain respect. That is all I will say though.

Saber battle mode ready


So, who are your favorite female characters that fit this trope?

As always I hope you enjoyed.

If you have any idea on what you would like to see for a future Top 5 please comment.

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Again, I hope you enjoyed and see you next time.

– Joe