If you’ve been in the ‘anime world’ for a long time, then you probably already know, that there are one or two anime every year, that seem to take the spotlight away from all the other series – either in a good way or bad way.

Well, I must say I’ve seen quite a few of those anime this year – and we’re only halfway through!

So, today I wanted to give my opinion on 3 2016 anime – one that I enjoyed watching, one that disappointed me, and one that Joe and I chose together!




The reason why I think Kiznaiver is one of the best anime I’ve seen this year (so far), is not only because I haven’t watched that many anime this year (yes, I know, I’ll continue watching Re:Zero asap), but also because of many other things.

One thing I really liked was the art style – it kind of reminded me of Mekakucity Actors in some way, which gave me a nostalgic feeling. Dull colours and shapes make the anime so artistic, and it just makes me enjoy the anime much more.

But the story was also one of the main reasons for my enjoyment. The way they talked about friendship and showed how it can develop was a little bit like a cute fairy tale to me…but a mature fairy tale! (If that exists) – my point is, that I think the moral of the story is just wonderful and they displayed it differently than some other anime, when they talk about friendship – in my opinion at least.




Okay, I know this was kind of obvious already – and if you’ve read my review about Mayoiga, you already know what I think of the anime.

And first of all, I have to say that I don’t hate it and it’s not the worst anime I’ve ever seen. I just had my expectations way too high and got disappointed, which is actually not the anime’s fault.

But there are a lot of things, that just made the anime worse than it would’ve been, because I think the basic plot has potential for a good anime. And that was also the main reason why I was so excited about Mayoiga: I read the short summary on MAL and was so happy to finally watch another mystery anime, as that is one of my favorite genres.

But they kinda ruined it with the many (unnecessary) characters and the weird way of telling the story.

the lost village


Boku Dake Ga Inai Machi (ERASED)

This was one of the 2016 anime that you either loved to death or hated – there wasn’t really an in between, everybody just picked a side. And I chose the first one.

I’ve watched and read a few of reviews about this anime, just because I wanted to hear both sides – and the people, who dislike Erased have some arguments I totally agree with. For example, that it never was explained how the main character got the power to travel back in time in the first place, which is actually kind of relevant.

But I still enjoyed this anime a lot and would definitely recommend it to anyone, who loves a good mystery anime.

It wasn’t just the beautiful art style or thrilling story that captured my attention – the character design, the way they made us connect with the main characters and the way they showed us the wonderful nature of bonding and friendship, but also revenge and hatred.

It really was emotional.


Anyway, I’d like to thank Joe for doing this amazing collab with me – I really had a great time writing this article and I hope you had a great time reading it!

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Thanks for reading, and I’ll see you guys next time!