So, this episode went exactly how I expected it. Yet, it still felt like there was something missing. I cannot figure out what. Perhaps it is reading it then watching it that makes it feel like something is missing. However, while at times it may feel like that, it is made up by adding something.

The Plot:

Kicking right off where the last episode ended, the dragon is still angry and is on the attack. It also turns out that it is not turning into the friendly dragons we are used to this series, but more like the violent evil ones from fairy tales. But Chise still wants to save it to bring the dragon home.

Ancient Magus bride ep 20 pic 1

Thus, with a lot more action and dramatization that was not in the manga, it is up to the group to save the dragon. I did enjoy Elias’ remarks how Chise’s requests are never for herself, but to help others. Elias has never been one to well, throw himself to help others, unless Chise asked him too. So, it is nice to see him say something like this, since honestly, he did not seem surprised this was going to be asked.

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Anyway, the plan quickly goes into action. It is simple, Chise absorbs the magic from the dragon, since she can do it at a much higher rate, and then Elias absorbs the magic from Chise so it doesn’t kill her.

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While the plan is good at first, the dragon quickly takes off into the sky. Then catches onto their plan. Elias quickly throws himself to protect Chise, only to take a fire blast to the face and fall. Ruth goes to catch him, leaving Chise by herself to absorb the magic.

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The dragon soon falls landing into the river. Chise is pulled out, and although the image is dark, well, her hand is huge.

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She wakes up sometime later, with Dr. Shannon tending to her. While, it is not stated right away, Chise has been affected by the Dragon’s Curse. The manga mentioned how it is like old stories where a knight would slay a dragon and take its power. Well, the Dragon’s Curse is a result of that, and well, Lindel gives the bad news about that curse. It will kill her. It slowly rots the person from the inside out.

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Also, Angelica is the last boss of this series, seeing that she beat Elias to hug Chise, and also apparently made him super worried when she told Chise she gave him an earful.

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But, although Chise now has this new curse, she says with a smile how it is no big deal, being a Sleigh Beggy, and having her mom curse and nearly kill her was the curses that she had so far. Having another curse, seemed no big deal.


So, after a nice scene of Chise walking around. They did skip the scene in the manga, with Leanan Sidhe, who now goes by Redcurrant. How no family member will take over Joel’s house and instead sell it. But, that was not super important. Anyway, Chise and Elias talk, mostly, how Elias does not want Chise to leave him. He is worried, especially since she is so willing to leave him, but also quickly have him come back if he leaves her. He does not want to lose her. This scene was honestly the nice drama and tension that honestly seems forgettable with how Chise is already dying. This new curse certainly brought focus back to that.

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Anyway, the witch finally appears, and she did mention the dragon’s blood that was left out in the previous episode. Of course the manga now had her asking for Chise’s blood, but well, that was skipped, despite being somewhat comical. It seemed like a lot of things were skipped this episode. But, she invites Chise to her coven because witches are good with curses.

Anyway, from their it turns out it is Chise’s birthday and she totally forgot, this was only due to Stella inviting Chise to her birthday party. Chise is of course now upset that she now feels like she has a reason to live, but life wants her dead. Elias comforts her how he knows he needs to find a way to take care of her health.

The episode ends with Cartaphilius believing Chise may be the key since his curse prevents him from dying and her curse is keeping her from living.

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Overall Thoughts:

A lot happened this episode, still somethings were left out. Some minor, and some hopefully not so minor things that it will be unknown if they are important. While the scenes I mentioned covering the plot where not shown, they were not really that important. However, one deals with the witch, Mariel. When Chise first met her in the manga she started to cry thinking that she was her mother. When Stella passed her in the manga later on, well, she was confused thinking Mariel was her mother too. Now, although this did not happen in the anime, I am still curious if this will hold importance. Since, well, she may not be who she says she is. And why do people think she is their mom? Anyway, since it happened twice in the manga and then did not appear in the anime, I just thought that was both odd and worth mentioning how that scene was left out. The other scenes that were left out, well, they did not come off as important. Sure, Leanan Sidhe’s scene could have been, but it was small in the manga, and honestly unless there is an arc, which I doubt, with her again this scene still would not be that important.

Now, as for the episode as a whole. Well, I wish this was more of a recovery episode from the fight with the dragon. But, again they would have needed to mess with a lot of things and leave a lot of other scenes out to fit it into last episode. This episode still made sense, since we got the action, and quickly followed by the drama that followed due to that action. This episode is certainly setting up a turning point for the series. Maybe not so much for the manga, in terms of the drama, but certainly for the manga. The anime, I only say not so much, due to their only being four more episodes. This emotional episode has an impact beyond where the anime will end. But certainly, it still does help set up the tone the last few episodes.

This episode was still enjoyable. Despite it sort of feeling like too much was happening, unlike previous episodes like this, it all happened within the same time frame, and did not make it feel that way. Still certainly a nice change and needed change for the tone this series may end on.

Overall Enjoyment: 95/100

Overall Score: A

The anime is licensed by Crunchyroll, while the manga is licensed by Seven Seas in North America.

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As always I hope you enjoyed.

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