Well, now that the anime is going as fast as I am reading the manga. But, anyway, not much to say, other than this show is certainly heading for the final, and let’s get started.

The Plot:

So, last time the dragons were taken and Lindel was angry. Well, time to follow-up with some Renferd drinking. Well, he is at the college talking to a few buddies. Next thing you know they are drinking and Renferd is a crying drunk. Then Lindel’s fishy familiar shows up, but that scene stops there.

Meanwhile Chise is in a dream like state, she appears in London, and well Cartaphilius is in distress. He says he is Josef, screw it I am spelling it that way, the manga says it the way I spell my name and I don’t want to struggle spelling it Joseph because that is how the anime calls him. Anyway, he at first seems like he has amnesia, only then to flip out at her in pain and with no eyes. Chise immediately wakes up from seeing this.

Of course, upon waking up Selkie is there waiting for her. In fact the other mages are their too. So, Chise is filled in on the situation. Cartaphilius probably stole the dragon, and used Renfred’s teleportation gadget.

At first Elias does not want to help, but after some begging and demanding from Chise, he turns around.

Ancient Magus bride ep 19 pic 8

The poor baby dragon.

Ancient Magus bride ep 19 pic 9

Anyway, Chise had the feeling the dragon would be auctioned off, so they go back to where it all started. Well, Elias is dressed as a woman, and made himself that way, since they can’t use magic at the auction house. Also, they wanted to go in secretly.

Chise was also given a lot of money. Since she sold herself she got some of the money, it has been six months, wouldn’t she have gotten that money sooner. But, why peck at this small detail. The manga did do a joke, where Chise was overwhelmed by the amount of zeroes, the anime left it at an unknown amount.

Ancient Magus bride ep 19 pic 11

Anyway, the auction starts, and well, they are already having trouble, not enough money to bid on the dragon. The woman talks to Chise. The manga did have her ask that in return for offering some money she gets a pint of dragon blood for a potion she is working on. This was left out, as for if it will be important or not, well, I certainly don’t know since I haven’t read or watched that far.

Ancient Magus bride ep 19 pic 13

But, the dragon freaks out, breaks free, causes Chise to cry for feeling its emotions. And ends the episode off with the dragon breathing fire. Honestly it was probably the most dramatic ending for this series yet.

Overall Thoughts:

This episode certainly had nice build up and flow. Compared to some of the recent episodes where they covered multiple chapters which made it ultimately seemed rushed, well, this time all those chapters together made sense. This did cover about three chapters, and so did the previous one. It just shows the difference in pacing really. Honestly it worked out great for this arc. Sure, I am a bit worried about next time since the conclusion to what happens only takes up what I could assume is less than half the episode.

Outside of the worry for the next episode. The ending really was well-timed. They could have rushed everything, getting rid of the opening and ending, but well I am glad they did not. They still left out a few things here, namely the deal Chise made with the woman, Chise’s thoughts on who Elias’ disguise was inspired by, and a few other things, namely the fact this was only one of two dragons they are missing and they still have no idea where the other is. There was also the reason why the dragon grew, but hopefully that will be mentioned next episode since it is the reason they find a solution for this problem. While some may have importance later on, well, it is currently unknown seeing that they did not mention that information one bit.

Overall this is certainly showing the darker side, and well, the world of magic to others. We see it with a select few, and considering there is an auction house dedicated to these things outside of the opening of the series, well, there is a lot more to this world The Ancient Magus’ Bride has let us see so far. Each magic user has their own reasoning, and this episode certainly gave us the darker side of what that reasoning could be. This show was never light, but it is certainly dipped deeper into the darkness than how it was originally portrayed.

Overall Enjoyment: 95/100

Overall Score: A

The anime is licensed by Crunchyroll, while the manga is licensed by Seven Seas in North America.

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As always I hope you enjoyed.

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