Well, 3 episodes down and only 8 more to go. Remember this is only 11 episodes, sadly. Well, there will be an OVA later in June. So hopefully I will cover that or something, although I have yet to for any other series I reviewed. So I do not know if I will or not. Anyway enough about that, let’s get started.

konosuba title

Darkness is still introducing herself to Kazuma right were the second episode left off. Kazuma right from the start knows something is off about this girl. She mentions although she is a crusader, she is confident in her abilities. Yet there is the problem was hardly any of her attacks hit and she is rather clumsy. But she can take plenty of hits. Kazuma turns her offer down.

konosuba ep 3 1

The following day she returns. Kazuma turned her down again much like the night before. Kazuma talks to Megumin about Skills, mostly since Aqua was showing off one of her recent acquired ones. Megumin mentioned that if you see someone use the skill or they teach you, then you could put it on your card to learn it. She also wants Kazuma to learn magic to have a buddy in the Explosion arts. Think of it like when you level up in a game and you get skill points. It is basically that.

konosuba ep 3 2

Chris, a thief, offers to teach Kazuma some skills. She is a friend of Darkness, who is still there wanting to join his party. Kazuma accepts the offer to be taught.

The three go outside. Chris teaches a few skills. Ends up stealing Kazuma’s money. Kazuma makes a deal to steal it back. She offers her expensive knife. He steals her panties.

Wait, what was that last thing?

Anyway, he did not intend to. It just turned out that way. Upon returning to the guild hall however, Chris used this as a means to embarrass Kazuma in public. This was to help Darkness join his party.

konosuba ep 3 5
Darkness trying, well not trying, to hide her obvious masochistic ways.

Aqua and Megumin hear of this, and don’t care. They do however care that he learned a new skill and wish to see it. Kazuma then accidentally stole Megumin’s panties. There was the joke about it being a low drop rate.

Anyway, before anything else could happen an urgent quest showed up. People panicking and all adventures were required to go to the front gates. People in a panic as the sky began to turn black.

In the world that they are in, it is harvest season. Cabbages fly, yes, cabbages fly. The urgent quest was to catch as many as they possibly could.konosuba ep 3 7


During the chaos of it all. Darkness decides to throw herself in front of people to protect them. Her true masochist behavior begins to show. However everyone is taking it that she is a model knight and is protecting everyone.  Megumin decides to release an explosion spell, and the harvest is over.

Kazuma eating some of the cabbage the girls agree to allow Darkness into the group. Kazuma tries to scare her off, ultimately it fails. He decides to accept it as the episode ends.

konosuba ep 3 11

Overall Thoughts

I really did enjoy this episode. This might be getting off topic. But I did say I read some of the manga. When reading the manga version, since the original source is light novels, I just thought the manga was random and was not really following the light novels. Now seeing the anime being like the manga, well I guess it will only get funnier from now on.

This episode I did not really see on Twitter all too much. Not sure how I feel about that. I did really enjoy last week’s episode. This weeks, although was very enjoyable, I did like last weeks a bit more. This one did have a lot with characters and just showing off how random the other world can be.

konosuba ep 3 6

This one really put focus on the idea of skills, and I liked how it did. Just it took a rather ecchi route. Yet by the end, like most things in this series, Kazuma got screwed over in the end in that department.

I do like how towards the end the concept of fighting, and beating the Demon Lord was brought up. The rag-tag team does not really look like they would stand a chance. But it does not look like it will stop any of them.

Overall Enjoyment: 8/10

konosuba ep 3 12

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