So, I am a bit behind on this show at the time of posting it, getting into One Piece and then dedicating basically all my time to watching it kind of does that to you. Anyway, time to get back to Accelerator and him doing his own things in his own show.

The Plot:

Continuing where the last episode left off, Accelerator takes the new girl, Estelle, to the warehouse, where she was apparently imprisoned. Also, she let the bad guys know how to do necromancy, which, in hind sight probably was not a good idea. Turns out the guy waiting for them was the one learning all of this stuff, and well, he also tries to get inside Estelle’s head how she was also using her power for gain. But, Accelerator doesn’t care, and before a proper fight can kick off, the guy flees in his giant robot dog.

The following day the Smol Misaka, she is not happy about Accelerator’s new companion. But, her opinion quickly changes as the two bond over meals at a family restaurant.

Upon getting back to the hospital and Last Order being taken away for more tests, the good old Frog Doctor discovered something on the body. Something Estelle recognizes as a means to bring back the dead.

So, her and Accelerator decide to check on the body. She activates the charm and tends to fix the mistakes those who used the ability did to the body. Well, Accelerator’s curiosity gets the better of him seeing a floating brain only to peak at the life of the victim.

After snapping back to reality and discovering the fact that these new foes will even kill to get bodies, two of them show up disguised as Anti-Skill. The episode ends with the two trying to pick what will be a losing fight with Accelerator.

Accelerator Ep 3 Pic 10

Overall Thoughts:

This episode was alright. It was mainly serving as a means to progress the plot forward, but the fight it left off at will more than likely go nowhere, so, it seems a little redundant with the hopes that something interesting will happen next time. But I guess really this episode shows the possibilities of what can happen. For starters, the robot did have a level 5 power going on, the fighting isn’t always going to be the main focus. So, there is certainly that. I just hope that if there is a lot more build up it doesn’t come crashing down because of the strong main character.

This episode shows what could be done in this series, that will be different compared to at least Railgun, for the spin offs, it shows not only the dark side of the city, but also the culmination of the dark side diving in with the magic aspects of the franchise as well, all with a character who really wants nothing to do with it.

Overall Score: B-

As always, feel free to comment your thoughts on the episode or series, just keep in mind of spoilers for the series, and spin-offs too, even though I sort of do that already.

As always I hope you enjoyed.

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– Joe