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So, this was a problem. So originally Monster Musume and Jitsu wa Watashi wa were supposed to be on this list. If you did not know, both now have an anime announced for this summer. So considering the two of the three that I knew would be on this list now have an anime in the works, well this is a bit challenging. At the same time number five kind of will feel like I am cheating in a sense, and you will see why. So, without further ado, here is the top five manga that should get anime.

Number 5: Koe no Katachi (The Silent Voice)

Like I said I sort of feel like I am cheating on this one. It has an anime movie in the works. This manga is voiceamazing. Guaranteed on this post someone will start a conversation about it, just saying that now. But, with it being a movie, which for starters I was really hoping for just a normal adaptation, they could not give the entire manga into the movie. There is a lot that happens. So my hope, like more than likely the people who read this series will hope that the movie will be a way to open up the idea of a full anime adaptation. When it came to Terraformers, the first story arc was adapted into two OVA. So, the first story arc in this series case is really a prologue that takes up several chapters before it actually gets to the story. Could that be a movie, no, but I think they would at least start the story and use it as a way to test the waters for a full adaptation which is what I hope so badly since it was such a good manga. This series is completed, and was simulpub by Cruchyroll

Number 4: Maga-Tsuki

I cannot really remember when I got into this series. It had to have been over a year now. It is a monthly magaseries, and sometimes it has been known to miss a month or two. Anyway, this is a harem series. I really feel like I do not need to say more than that. The main character has his soul taken away, the person who loves him the most holds onto his soul. At the same time if he is not touching that person in any way he dies. It is fairly funny, and the amount of chapters is mid-forties, with the latest chapter being a few days ago. Would this be the best anime out there, no, it would be funny and give me something to look forward to since I enjoy the manga. This series is also being simulpub by Cruchyroll.

Number 3: Big Order

For starters I would like to say I have no idea how big_ordermany chapters there are, if this is a weekly or monthly series or not. I have read some of it, but I stopped mostly because it relies on fan translations. At the same time one reason why it is here on the list, even though it is getting an OVA later this year, this manga is by the person who made Future Diary, or Mira Nikki. Which was good for the anime, it was fully adapted. I am hoping that this series will get a similar treatment where it will be fully adapted once the manga ends. That is the only reason why it is on the list, it would not surprise me if this happens, and it would not surprise me if it did not. More than likely it will get an anime when it is nearing the end like the previously mentioned work.

Number 2: Yandere Kanajo

So, I remember reading a post on a certain anime news site, that mentioned a poll going out for manga that should get anime, this series was on it, and personally I really want it to. I did not read any of the other series on that list but this one. It is a comedy. A long running one, I think it is a monthly series, since it is in the same magazine as Akame ga Kill, except this one has well over 70 chapters. It is funny and I enjoy it, granted I have not read it in over a year, but it does not change the fact that I like it. I think this series would have good potential for a full 24 minute anime, since it is in the 4 panel style. Anyway, it is funny, and I would recommend it to people if they like comedy.

yandere kanajo

Number 1: UQ Holder

For starters Ken Akamatsu is one of my favorite mangaka. Currently I am reading one of this first works, AI Love You. He also wrote Love Hina, which I only saw the anime of, but plan on reading the manga. Then there is UQ hOLDERNegima, where UQ Holder is a sequel spinoff of, which I currently own the first Omnibus, with the second and third ordered. UQ Holder is a lot different from his previous work. AI Love you is a harem, Love Hina, a harem, Negima, a massive harem/battle manga, and now UQ Holder, which is not a harem but a battle manga. One reason why I am reading Negima comes done to three things, the main character is the “grandson” of Negi, why it is in quotations you would know if you read the manga, and two characters that make appearance from time to time were in the original series. As well as one of the plots is trying to find Negi as well.   Anyway, so I might as well just straight out say that I like it, good fights, good story, I get to look forward to it on a weekly basis, so that is why it is here. Originally Jitsu wa Watashi wa was supposed to be here at number one, with this at number 2, but hey, I cannot wait till it gets adapted. Since most of Ken Akamatsu’s work has gotten adapted before, each getting an ending as well, maybe not true to the mange, but still at least an ending. I would also like to add that I am doing a review of the first volume in the next two months.

So, that is all there is. The thought of this list was back in January, well, a lot have been announced. So hopefully in the near future some of these series will get some idea of an announcement.