Day 26: The last manga you read

dolls image one
Literally the opening page to chapter 1.

This one is a little bit ridiculous; since it would change depending on what day I am writing this. It can be an oddball one. Anyway, I last read Haikou Dolls. It is a 4 panel sort of series. Comedy, supernatural, with a lot of yuri undertones. It is a cute little comedy series  just got into one day. I rather enjoy it. Fan translations are required for it though and considering that is only a single person, it is rather good. Anyway the series is about this one girl who shrinks one day to the size of a doll after saying she will be this one girls friend. In order to turn back to normal she needs to teach the girl the real meaning of friendship. Also dolls come to life since that was the power of the girl to begin with. It is rather enjoyable, wish I remembered their names, even though they will probably be in the picture from something from chapter one.


Anyway, this series, as I said is Fan Translated. However the series is written by Kimitoshiin.


So, what is a series that you recently read, any particular one?

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As always I hope you enjoyed.

– Joe