Where there is a winner, there is always a loser. At the same time a loser can be that one character that is just well, the loser. It does not matter if you are the side character and are for comic relief or even the main character. But being a loser is not always a bad thing. While other times, it is probably best that they just stay that loser character.

Once again this was a suggestion, and this time I got the right person instead of having to edit the right one. Shiroyuni from The Limitless Imagination suggested this one. Thank you for it. One thing I like about suggestions is that, well in this case particularly, some can be tricky and I really have to think. So if anyone has suggestions for a future Top Five please comment here or on either of my social media twitter accounts.

Without further ado, let’s get started.


Number 5: Lancer (Cu) from Fate/Stay Night

lancer diesThis one is early on the list because he really is a winner in some ways. I mean Cu has a very attractive mentor. I mean very attractive. So, that is one way he is a winner. Plus at one point he goes to be a good guy, so he is a winner there to. Now time to talk why he is on this list as a loser.

All Lancers, sorry for the spoiler, basically get told to kill themselves. Cu was resisting, so he gets some cool points there. But he dies without a say in the matter. He overall just does not really come off as a winner. This to me was in both Fate/Deen Night I mean Fate/Stay Night and Fate/Stay Night Unlimited Blade Works. He just does not really come off as a character that could be a winner.

There is a reason after all that in Carnival Phantasm there is an episode dedicated to him to stop all his deaths in the series and how he is known to die first.

Number 4: Akira Aoi from Selector Infected WIXOSS

that one chick from WIXOSSShe is just whinny and a sore loser. What a better fit for this list. I will admit she is sort of filler character for this list. But Cu decreed that number 5 spot and not to be any lower than that. Akira well, she does need to be on this list. With her attitude, wanting to be better than others, and when she does not get her way, well she goes crazy. Sure she might be struggling since she comes from a poor family and wants nothing to do with it. But the fact that she is well, I don’t like using the B word when referring to women, but she is. If there was a Top Five Psychos, which now I am taking note for of in the future, she would be on this list too.

Number 3: Hiroto Tonomachi and Kyouhei Kannazumi from Date a Live

Sure there are two people from this series, and even the next one on this list is from another previously mentioned series. Both though in this case are equal in amount a loser. Since both are minor characters they both seem to make the same loser filled impact in their own way. Let’s start with Tonomachi.

Tonomachi well, is I guess an out-of-place character in the series. A harem series with the awkward one guy friend who is either always there or hardly ever, is obsessed with anything and everything that is 2D. I only put him here is due to how he acts, fully obsessed, he acts cool and says certain lines. But he is far from it. He is also the feature image.

Kannazumi, well, the masochistic obsessed second in command who cannot even get respect from his subordinates, I think that is all I need to say there.take him away


Number 2: Shinji Matou from Fate/Stay Night

Shinji, Shinji, Shinji, how can I put this. He is what a lot of characters would be on this list for, only he does it perfectly. That and I cannot think of any since the only thing this Shinji has done correctly is be memorable. He is the character that talks the talk, thinks he is powerful, but by the end of the day is weak, easily gets beat up, and well, the image bellow sums up nicely. Well, he cannot beat number 1, who may or may not surprise people.

shinji from fate stay night

Number 1: Shinji Ikari from Neon Genesis Evangelion

Now a lot of you are probably not surprised, some are probably annoyed.  Some are probably like, “Joe, why you do this?”

However, although I put Shinji on this list at number 1 I shall defend him in saying he is not the loser that everyone makes him out to be. He is that weak, whinny, shy kid that no one likes and wants to “Pilot the damn robot.”

I am doing two things I do not normally do. The first being the rare case of my view on what a lot of people tend to view as the “Loser Character” and this being the first case of defending the statement that he is not.

you go pilot the robotRei Ayanami is basically a female Shinji, only more shy. Shinji is forced to do all this. I mean you would be whinny to if your dad, who is never around, wants you to pilot a giant robot to gain some remote affection from him against your will. He may be the only one able to pilot the robot, but because of his typical attitude, and already low self-esteem brought by his rough family life, it is understandable.  The show is psychological, and all basics parts of psychoanalytic analysis of literary works can be used on Shinji. I also did not think my class I am taking this semester would actually be relevant here.

Shinji is not the loser of Evengelion that a lot of people make him out to be. The real number one spot should go to his bad father, Gendo Ikari.

So, after all that explaining, Number 1 is Gendo Ikari from Neon Genesis Evangelion.


As always I would love to hear your list, even if it is one or two characters. Any suggestions for future post in this series as I said are welcome. 

As always I hope you enjoyed.

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