Alright, so, at this point I cannot fully tell if this could be the start of the final arc of the anime. I could be wrong, the manga, at least as far as I know, is not close to ending any time soon. But the anime only now has 12 episodes left. So, who knows with the case of the anime. I certainly do not want to see it go back to the source, and have it shoved in at the very end. Either way let’s talk about the episode.

The Plot:

So, everyone is trying to figure out what happened with that weird earthquake at the end of the last episode. Of course, we, the audience know that the town is now floating in the sky. But as for the young exorcists, they think the school is under attack again so they rush back. It is now a safe place for everyone. One student looks at his phone to get the news feed to reveal what we already know that they town is in the sky. The same goes to the residents at the dorm.


On the way to the dorm, Rokuro and Beino meet Kuranashi, which should be noted that it is for the first time. It is also revealed that he is very human like, and also the fact he lifted several villages into the sky 600 years ago. Clearly he is a lot stronger now.


Anyway, a large flower over takes the town. It sends little tenticals that eat people and steals all their energy. Kuranashi tells Rokuro and Beino they have about two hours until it takes over the whole town. He gives them a few hints, but clearly only wants to see if they can do it.

So, the plan goes into motion. Kinako will go and bring people to a safe zone after taking over a car. Rokuro and Beino will take down the flower, once Segein and Mayura take down the bulb underground, which is spawning all the Kagera. While everyone else goes to save the people.


The plan works out well, sort of. Segein uses his Gaurdian power, one last time. Clearly it starts to take a toll on him. But Mayura gets captured. Putting the two at a slight disadvantage between the one thing that they need to defeat. Thus the episode ends as such.


Overall Thoughts:

This episode was really about setting up the next few episodes, and certainly that was alright. It really gave more in-depth look at the villain that has been around for the last 18 episodes. Kuranashi, you can assume has been around for 600 years now. He is human like, and well, perhaps he has more human tendencies. Honestly now it is sort of nice mirror to Yuto. Yuto was human that is now more Bassara like, now the exorcists are fighting the reverse.

He is certainly a different villain compared to the others the young exorcists have fought. He wants to give them a fighting chance, sort of, just as long as his overarching plan can still go through if they succeed or not. I think this was made clear when he was giving valuable information on how to beat him. He is also certainly not all talk either, Rokuro could not land a finger on him, literally.

He has never really made it out of the shadows and fought really, besides that one episode, I believe episode either 28 or 29. But even then it did not show much of his power. This episode was nice and giving more information to the villain and that he clearly will be a tough opponent when the day finally comes and Rokuro and Beino need to face off against him. It was better to get this out-of-the-way now, versus whenever Rokuro and Beino actually do fight.  It was even nice to see Beino get angry at him for what he caused Sae-chan to go through, making it clear that Sae-chan still has a lasting effect on them, which I am certainly glad for and originally hoped it would.

This certainly was a solid episode and really brought out the drama that could unfold in the next few episodes. There is certainly a lot of buildup. But I hope the 2-hour time limit does not turn into twelve episodes, instead I could see it being over in the next three or so.

Overall Enjoyment: 90/100

Feel free to give your thoughts on the series or this episode, just keep in mind for spoilers for later episodes.

As always I hope you enjoyed.

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– Joe