This episode reminded me of something I forgot from season one, and that is alright, and it certainly played itself to its advantage. I am not even sure what episode of season one as well where it came from. But, well, more on that later.

The Plot:

Last episode ended with the group about to be attacked by a herd of birds. Well, although they were thought to be targeting Darkness, they just jump right over her.


The group quickly acts to get the birds away from the other caravans. This leads to Darkness being tied to the back of the cart and dragged off, which she rather enjoys. Aqua spamming heal spell does help her out. Ultimately they take out the birds thanks to Megumin’s explosion magic.

That night, well they are praised and people want to get a reward. For once Kazuma does not want the money, mostly due to the fact they caused the problem. And they are nearly rewarded again when Aqua gets a lot of undead to appear and does her holy magic to defeat them.

Meanwhile Yunyun wants to challenge Megumin to a challenge, too bad they are gone and she does not know it.


They finally make it to the town somedays later. It becomes known rather quickly that the town is full of members that worship the Axis faith, which means they worship Aqua.


Aqua of course loves the place. While she goes off to get praised, Kazuma and Darkness go on a little date. They are constantly bombarded by random people begging them to join their faith. Although a sort of blessing for Darkness occurs when people find out she worships Eris and they give her constantly bad treatment. This goes on for the remainder of the episode.

Also, Verdia shows up again in Wiz’s dream when she nearly died.


Overall Thoughts:

Good episode, honestly the only thing I remembered from Aqua’s cult, was the fact they did not like the real her, they honestly despised her and thought she was an insult to their goddess. So, I honestly cannot wait until the whole town that worships her find this out.

It really feels like Darkness has been stealing the spotlight this season, this episode was no exception. Although it was obvious how her perversions would get the better of her, it was still nice to see different ways. Mostly the latter half.

Overall not much to say about this episode. This half of the season does give it some build up for the end. With the faint memory, behind, it could be nice to see how exactly it effects this arc.

Overall Enjoyment: 90/100

Feel free to give your thoughts on the series or this episode, just keep in mind for spoilers for later episodes.

As always I hope you enjoyed.

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Again, I hope you enjoyed and see you next time.

– Joe