Alright, I think it is safe to say I am going to keep in mind that if I feel like I am slacking in my writing, I will consider shutting this blog down. However, although I have now gotten used to, or at least trying to fully start a schedule, it is going rather well, so it is not something to worry about. The only real downside is me sort of ignoring this site.

This Month’s Posts

Anyway, enough about that. I am thinking of a means to bring posts back. Due to Twin Star Exorcists ending, I now realize there is only one post here a week. Yes, I am doing a post over at Anime Corps a week as well. But just one weekly review here a week, seems to feel like this site is lacking in content by my standards. I think for the first time it has just been one post a week since, I honestly cannot remember.

I did say I want to bring series reviews back. My hope is, in the next two weeks, I will be writing a lot of series reviews. I have a lot of anime I wanted to, or have started writing reviews for, that I have not posted or finished or even started to write. It will not be a series review each week. But my goal is by the end of this month, to get a series review out at least every other week.

If I did my math properly (which I probably didn’t), the best case scenario, I can have series reviews bi-weekly until around October (with series I plan on as of this point, this is not counting any shows from Winter and Spring season). These are only anime series too, I am not fully certain if I will bring back manga and comic reviews, but I will think about it. There are some I would like to do, at some point, but that is not for months down the road.

But with all this planning, it will be for something. I think, I will try to bring back Top Fives, this will be at least once a month. I have a few ideas, but that will be not until June.

Also Bests of the season for Winter season, that post will be out this month.

granblue fantasy ep 3 pic 4

New Blog (Maybe)

So, as for that something, I am not fully certain on the idea yet. If you been following my main twitter, then it might be known. I was thinking of opening a second blog. This would be monetized, and I may put up a Patreon specifically for it. I would probably be open to commissions at some point, for a small price. It would be a pure fiction blog. And so, all of this needs to be planned before going through with it.

The last few weeks I been busy having a sort of mental crisis. Mostly for work, unable to find work in my field, feeling like I am at a dead end in my life, should I go back to school or not for a teaching license, and so on. As much as I don’t want to view the new blog as this, but it is sort of meant to be a source of income for me. Although I am looking a lot into freelance work, I need something I can feel is stable and have fun with as well. As of right now I have not plan for this blog to have ads or be monetized or anything like that.

None of the work I will publish will go on there, it is more of a means to promote my fiction writing style, in hopes of helping the process of publishing my book.

I do need to look more into this sort of thing. I need to make sure it would not look bad as me, a writer. If the site does bad it could look bad for my writing. This is one issue with self-publishing. If the e-book sells bad, trying to publish anything to a company, will become difficult, since they may assume it could happen to the work you are trying to sell to them. This is my main reason for being super hesitant with self-publishing. It is great for people who want to put their work out there, but I been working on this story for years and do not want all that hard work to be a waste.

Despite my main reasons for wanting to create this second blog, I do want it to still be a fun place and a means to give people some entertainment for a short time, much like this one.

I am still in the very early stages of planning, thinking, and all of that. I jumped into this one knowing nothing about blogging, although it worked out, I need to put the last two and nearly a half years to good use in creating the new blog. I need to mostly see how it may be in terms of writing. It would just be short weekly fiction stories. So, if I find it would be good for my writing, great, if not this will be the last I mention it here.

I do hope to get the site going by August the latest. Another reason why I wanted to get posts here twice a week and a backlog of reviews, is so I can start by getting a backlog of stories for the new site, if I do it. That way I have enough time for planning content well ahead of schedule, while not interfering with my other writing and attempts to be published. And if I managed to get a job in my field, both sites and my writing would not suffer.


So, besides the possible new blog announcement. The only thing I can think of, besides weekly reviews and hopefully bi-weekly series reviews for this month, is probably just a mid-season impressions post and bests of the season for winter.

I am also bringing back monthly polls. I did this in the early half of last year. Next month will help decide the reviews that come out in July. But for this month, since I did a poll for it on twitter. I still would like to gauge people’s interest here too on it.

As always, feel free to give feedback or suggestions you would like to see here.

– Joe