A lot happened towards the end for this episode. If not for the next arc breaking away from Toma and focusing on other characters, well, this certainly does feel like the next to last arc. However, unfortunately this series although ends at the end of this season, does have a sequel series, so, I mean, any life-threatening stuff, the tension kind of is ruined. But, anyway, let’s get right into it.

The Plot:

So, Toma and company rush into battle, and honestly says probably one of the best lines to sum up every fight he has ever been in this series.

Index S3 Ep 14 Pic 1

Anyway, they confront the second princess, and the third princess is with them. The two fight and well, it turns out there are no flying mobile unmanned and magical flying fortresses ready to attack. This arc, while as entertaining as it is, really seems to just throw anything and everything to see what exactly they can get away with. The power scaling this arc took a massive jump compared to anything yet.

Also, Kazakiri gets beaten after a short fight. A lot of Toma’s old friends and enemies team up to fight off the second princess. But for once landing a punch on the weapon does not break it. Which I honestly find odd.

Of course, it is during this fight where it turns out the sword basically makes the second princess indestructible or something. So, she has a missile bombardment aimed at her to take on everyone around her.

Index S3 Ep 14 Pic 7

It is during this time where the first princess calls all knights saying how her sister is taking on this country and certainly plans to die, to start the revolution and take on all the sins, just so Britain does not have to be the target, but just her.


Anyway, William, the Head Knight, and Kazakiri fight her, and well, they are now starting to be on even ground with three saints/saint level people on the attack.

Index S3 Ep 14 Pic 8

The queen then shows up with some super powerful Union Jack power that boost everyone in the country to sainthood. It was mostly this episode that had me questioning everything about this series. Like, it is absurd with the power creep this one arc.

Index S3 Ep 14 Pic 10

Anyway, Toma’s time to shine, he rushes in, William pushes him forward to give a super punch to break the sword and send the princess flying.

There are a few things that happen at the end of the episode. The queen states that magic being a secret and revealing it would not be against the law since there is no law saying it needs to be a secret, she did do a massive magic attack on the nation Afterall. Toma comes face to face with the True Big Bad of the series, and well, apparently something closely tied to Index that gives her a means to live was taken, and now Toma needs to get it back. Thus, ending the episode.

Overall Thoughts:

At least with this episode, the power scaling was just dumb. It Granted, all this power, certainly reinforces the fact from the previous arc that Toma is in fact super weak, he might have a one punch, but even then, he is a glass cannon and lucky in his fights to date. The foes are much stronger than they were just two months ago, which is really saying something in the timeline for Index.

While this episode was good, the animation, the progression of plot, and even giving a nice twist at the end that honestly for once made me want more. It was not like a lot of other Index arcs in the past where they ended and that was it. It ended on a cliffhanger, and honestly it worked great for it. Normally I do not like cliffhangers, mostly when a series always ends in one every single episode. But the well-timed one that really picks up the drama and plot, those ones are always good. Of course, the suspense of what Toma is going to do is put somewhat on hold thanks to the next arc putting Accelerator back in the spotlight.

Now, as for the arc, this one came off a little weak. I mean in the previous episode Toma could not land a hit on the sword, he was instantly and literally blown away. But, it didn’t happen here. There was no clever way to stop attacks like that. It was just a sword fight, it felt like at times this arc was just trying to throw a bunch of ideas out there and hope some stick. At the same time, it felt like all those little things that were brought up were also trying to build up into something much greater than this one arc. This was in relation to the whole British system of magic that was introduced with the hierarchy of knights as well as British magical items. It felt like it was just thrown in there to give these “enemies” an increase of power but also introduce a new concept to the series.

Either way, this episode had some ups, but some downs brought by the arc. Either way, it was still an enjoyable episode, even if the power scaling is getting a little too out of control.

Overall Score: B

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