Alright the first arc is done I think I can say that this is a remake, with one, Rika knowing it is a remake and will have moments where she tries to change the outcome, and two, as this episode made apparent, slightly different outcomes to the original. Although maybe that was due to Rika’s tampering in trying to change the outcome. So, maybe something bigger might happen as the series progresses. Either way, let’s get right into it.

The Plot:

So, with the previous episode ending with Rena spying on Keiichi, he has some nightmares. So, he decides the following day to go to the clinic, but the clinic is closed for remodeling, and certainly has nothing to do with the fact the main nurse is missing.

Later at school, Rika knows something is up and talks to Keiichi, mostly since she knows what is about to happen, so, here is one thing that changed compared to the original. I will be interesting to see if her tampering will change later arcs. This conversation does play a role, and Keiichi realizes something.

That night Keiichi finds out that his parents are away for the night and they asked Rena to bring over some food for him. But well, clearly there is something else going on, as Keiichi’s reaction and the way Rena appears.

The build up in this scene was just amazing. The music worked in its favor, as it builds the suspense up as something clearly bad was going to happen. Of course, Keiichi remembers what Rika told him earlier and he sees himself making Rena out as a monster that she isn’t. Although that build up would say something else.

Anyway, Rena cooks for Keiichi. She has all the necessary tools for cooking like handcuffs, saws, needles, rope, a tarp to make sure blood doesn’t get everywhere, some rubber gloves to not get messy, and so on.

Yeah, she is going to kill him, which she attempts to do only she dies, and Keiichi gets stabbed in the heart like 20 times and loses a lot of blood. Yeah, while this is a lot like the first arc in the original anime, and Keiichi does live and kill Rena, he did it with a bat, and well, it was like the vision he saw, and not like this. Still he is very resilient to live being stabbed and losing a lot of blood like he did.

So, Keiichi wakes up in the hospital, and the detective wants to ask him some questions when he feels better. Of course, Mion shows up and ruins the mood a bit and find out Rika and Satoko were murdered as well that same night. Thus, the main mystery is starting to appear, the urge to kill and why Rika and Satoko are always killed, although it won’t be apparent until the next arc. Thus, ending this episode and timeline with Keiichi getting the same itch that Rena had.

Overall Thoughts:

As much as I want to avoid comparing it to the original, it will be unlikely always. However, his one while at times feels less impactful than the original in some scenes, mostly since I know the twists. This one certainly is great at building suspense with music and the animation change. The original had some pretty twisted faces back in 2006, and well, this one certainly works well with the newer animation and what exactly they can do with it. At the same time it still was able to feel fresh and changed my expectations of this series in not really knowing what to expect, since this ending while it overall did end the same, some points did change and seeing these changes really made me wonder if Rika’s meddling which caused a minor change this time could make a larger change in some other arc, be it for the better or worse.

Either way, this episode really boosted my enjoyment of this series and I really cannot wait to see what they will do in future arcs and what exactly the direction they will go as well.

Overall Enjoyment 90/100

Try not to spoil the series, I certainly will try not to, but, feel free to comment your thoughts on the series, both the original and this oneJust label if it is a spoiler or not.

As always I hope you enjoyed.

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Again, I hope you enjoyed and see you next time.

– Joe