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I have stated several times that I have seen a lot of anime and I mean a lot, over two hundred. Still, there are some that I wish I never saw, which are few. Then there are others, one in which is on this list, which I am glad I came back to for a second chance. Although some might have lost their original luster when I first saw them, it does not change the fact that I still hold them dear. This, I have gone into without a reviewer’s state of mind, to go down memory lane to discuss why they are my favorite series in this case.

Number 5: Anything from the Fate Seriesscreenshot-logo

I am talking about Fate/Zero, Fate/Stay Night, and the other series with that title, be it a spin off, prequel, parody, or alternate telling. This, multiple different anime series I label as a single. This is mostly because it is in the same universe. One could argue with the fact that Kara No Kyokai also exists in this universe, as well as Tsukihime, but I am talking about only the Fate/Stay Night series. They are good in their own right, I only just watch Tsukihime recently, and Kara No Kyokai is at my number seven for favorite series. Anyway this is about the Fate Series and not just a Type Moon discussion.

When Fate/Zero, as in the dub of it were coming out, I had only been into anime for a little over a year at that point. I wanted to check that series out only to find out about the original Fate/Stay Night. I will admit, despite me not seeing it in forever and the current series is amazing, that it does have a flaw here and there. That series is different from all of them, since it gives an original ending, which takes pieces from all of the endings. At the same time it follows closer to the Fate ending.

This is a franchise, which is really different from a series to series basis. Fate/Zero is nothing like Fate/kaleid liner Prisma Illya. I like that on how each is different, yet still holds the same aspects. They are individual in their own right, which makes me like each of the series. I know I could go in watching the next series and enjoy it because of it. Type Moon is one of the few companies, I guess, where when a new anime based off their work comes out, I will watch it. It is simple as that. I have the Fate series to thank for that. It really opened up a lot of different series.

Number 4: The Bakemonogatari Series

This is defiantly a series one could not binge watch, sort of. I think my record for episodes was almost three or four in a row. That is about as good as it gets in all honesty. This series I like to sum up with that you could get about seven episodes of nothing but talking which is then followed by about all of three seconds of a fight before it goes back to Bakemonogatari_Logonothing but talking.

I mentioned earlier that there are some shows that I did not watch only to go back later. This is one of them. It was back in November 2012 when I first watched the first two episodes. Then I stopped. I did not like the talking. With my ADHD it felt like I needed to be medicated just to pay attention. There was nothing but talking. So I stopped.

That following summer in 2013, well the “Second Season” began. I noticed the huge episode length compared to the other seasons. This made me curious about it. So, I decided to give it another shot. I started to get more of the jokes then I originally got when watching it, mostly because I have watched a lot more anime. I love some of the jokes that can be done in the series, that and the camera shots. However during the time trying to catch up to where it was airing, which took a long time almost two months, I would watch an episode before stopping. Then I managed to get to the second season and marathon it like crazy. That was when I realized that I really enjoy the show. That is why it is at number four.

I may have a love hate relationship with this series, this mostly because I am still trying to watch the last five episodes that came out in August earlier this year. That still does not change the fact that I know I could easily go in and enjoy it like I always do and look forward to whatever comes out of the series next.

Number 3: Date A Live

My first review was Date A Live. So, some things that make this series my favorite are already known. I know I can easily go back and rewatch it, laugh at the same things and such. However, I think one of the reasons why I ended up liking it so much was when it came out. My favorite series ended, and thus I had a case of the Void. That feeling that Date-A-Live-Logoyou just need to watch more of that series, but you are not going to get it. So, Date A Live was watched, as well as about fifty other series as well since it snowballed and I watched shows as they came out. Date A Live I also managed to find English translations of the novels, so I read the first, second, and third within a week. This made me really look forward to it more and more.

There were times were I questioned why I like this particular so much, but it gets me thinking about the others on the list. There was just something when I first watched it that made me know, that yes, I really like this.  So, whatever the real reason may be for me to like this series, be it that I know it or not, it has a firm hold on the third spot for my favorite series.

Number 2: A Certain Magical Index/A Certain Scientific Railgun

Index, goes back to before it was dubbed. That was how long ago when I first watched it. The dub ended up coming out later that year. For this series, I really liked it. Ironically enough this was one of the series that I found through an abridge series. So, I wanted to check it out. Well, judging by the fact that it is at number 2, I enjoyed it. I like the Certain_Magical_Index_Bannerstory, each one is different, and there is no real over arcing plot. At the same time you need to watch each episode to know what happens.

I also put Railgun on the list because it just takes one of the female protagonists from Index and makes her the main character. Railgun S, I really enjoyed. In Index the Sisters arc was one of my favorites in the first season. So going into further detail I found really interesting.

Anyway, this series was I would like to say the eighth and ninth anime series that I saw. It was also the third series that really dragged me in. Code Geass was one. Oh My Goddesses became another at a later date, despite it being the second series that I watched. I was really dragged into enjoy it. I also loved the science and fantasy aspects coming together as one, which is what I work a lot with in my stories. So, that was probably another thing that really made me enjoy it. I was able to think of new ways to look at my stories because of it.

Number 1: Fairy Tail

Yes, Fairy Tail is at number one. It was the first series I watched subbed, and liked. I ended up catching up to all the episodes, at the time there was only 130, in about two weeks. It was just nonstop on how many episodes I would watch throughout the course of the day. I think we all have that one shonen anime we like more than others. I was fairy_tail_logonever allowed to watch One Piece or Naruto when I was little. Even now I am not really into those series as well, and only saw the first few episodes. Bleach I watch about 270 episodes, maybe (forgot the exact number where I stopped). The only reason why I stopped was due to filler stopping the arc several times. Then it was each fights dragging on for way longer than it should have been. For Fairy Tail I liked how they stopped mid arc so they did not have to interrupt it with filler. Without that I would not have watch nearly all the anime that I have, let alone gotten into Date A Live and half of the ones on this list. At the same time if I was not into Fairy Tail I would not have tried out all the anime that I have.

Currently I do have my problems with the current anime arc. I know it is filler, so they can be silly as they want to, but it seems to lose its luster I once held so dear for it. I also read the manga on a weekly basis, so I know it is worth the filler so they do not have to stop again mid-arc, especially with this one. The current arc is just way too amazing. (Okay fan boy mode is over now). I can take filler, just as long as it does not have to be put in between the actual story.

With all the ones in my top five, they have some sort of history. Sure, there may come a day where I do not like them as much. It is more of the nostalgia when remembering back on how I felt when I saw them for the first time. Without some of them I never would have gotten into anime as much as I am without them. Sure, someday one of these might fall lower, or not be my favorite for whatever reason. But for right now, these are my favorite series.

Ones that did not make the list, Attack on Titan, Oh My Goddess, Akame Ga Kill (depends how the final episode goes), D-Frag, and Kara No Kyokai. (Ha, did my top ten, not necessary in order, but all the shows are there).