So Spring Break is over, and after struggling that last day of break to finish a project due that night, I did get some things done on this list. At the same time I did a lot of thinking, and although it had nothing to do with the content I post here it relates to the content I post on Deviantart, which ultimately I am stopped a story sooner than I would like, mostly because it is a struggle to write it. Anyway, that is not that point and has nothing really to do with this. At the same time there were some things I did not get to and others that I did. Anyway, let me show you how I did.


Watch/ Read for Reviews

Love Live Season 2 ep 7/12

Hopefully the review will be out sometime in the next two weeks. I sort of neglected this series, which was unfortunate. I only managed to get one more episode during that time.


Akame ga Kill Vol 1, Attack on Titan Vol 1, Fairy Tail Vol 1

All were finished reading. I did say in my last post that the Akame ga Kill review would have been out mostly because the time writing it was replaced with working on the school work, but I am changing the date to Friday. The following Mondays the other two manga reviews will be out, with an Akame ga Kill and Attack on Titan comparison discussion.


Magi: The Kingdom of Magic ep 25

Still have yet to start yet, again the review will probably be moved to the summer. This is more then likely.


High School DXD Season 1 & 2

These reviews will come out in the summer, and although I would like to start it before season 3 airs, more than likely I will watch all three simultaneously, which is my original plan. That has not changed at all. I have plenty of time before.


Shows that Continue or have Sequel in Spring Season

Magical Girl Lyrical Nanaho A’s ep 10/13, Magical Girl Lyrical Nanaho Strikers ep 26 (Have yet to start)

Again, due to the work on the projects, and a lot of interfearance of other means I did not finish this series, although I hope to get Strikers done before  Vivid airs in two weeks.


Gintama ep 92/265 (Will watch new season regardless)

Priority: I do not care, I will finish it whenever. Cruchyroll was acting up on some of the episodes, so I did not get anywhere in terms of what I wanted to get done.


Nisekoi ep 10/20

Although this series was a unintentional drop, more than likely I will not bother trying to watch it before it returns.


Shows that are ongoing that I need to catch up

Adanoah Zero Second Cour ep 2/12 Log Horizon ep 12/25 Yatterman Night ep 5/12

Again, I was doing a lot of work for school on both Saturday and Sunday, so the shows I normally would have watched I did not get to. At the same time most of the shows I normally watch on Sunday I still have yet to watch as well. So I became a little more behind then I would have liked.


Your Lie in April ep 20/22

I was able to marathon it, and I wanted to save the episode that aired for the day of the finally. I will not lie and say I cried a lot and I had to stop often because of it.


Yurikuma ep 7/12

This did not change at all from last week’s update.


Yona of the Dawn ep 17/25

I was hoping to catch up, unfortunately I was unable to. I am going to try to watch at least an episode a night to catch up, it should not be too hard, since a lot of people are saying it is turning out amazing.


The Testament to the Sister New Devil ep 8/12 (10 have aired)

Ironically enough even though this one had the danger of dropping I kind of did like catching up on it. Aesthic of a Rouge hero is one anime I regret watching. This series is by that same creator for source material, I do like this series better than the other work, and so I am not dropping it.


That was what I did during Spring Break. I also have an idea for a set schedule for what I would like to start doing for set content. First I need to make a proper homepage, and I will post it there.

Monday, Wednesday and Friday content will hopefully come out. A review on Monday, Wednesday either a discussion or a Speculation/Theory will be out. Friday either an I, The American Otaku post will be out or a Top Five depending on the week. I am glad I came up with this, and I hope I can stick to it. I know most weeks some things will not be out, so that is just the idea what should hopefully be out.


So, with all that said and Spring Break now done, I am done with this challenge I set myself, although it was more of a personal goal. Did you set out for any personal goals during Spring Break or some type of vacation.