Well, a lot has happened to me in April. There is always something that happens, even though nothing has happened yet this year. It does not change what has happened. From the happy times like when I started writing my book. To the sad times like what happen last year when my grandmother passed away. There seems to also be something that happens in April for me.

I think it is safe to say that we all have childhood friends. Be it if it was a boy or girl that we knew when we were little. At the same time it is a familiar concept in anime, but that has nothing to do with it, although I am thinking of talking about my thoughts on that idea later. Anyway, I have not seen mine in almost a decade, well nine years, but still. Sometimes we grow apart not because we want to but for other reasons. Just like that idea of a childhood friend it is something that is easy to hold onto as well as lose.

Well, for starters it comes down to two things that made me know that today was the last time I saw her. One, my memory is always super good when it comes to random things, not sure why it just is. The other being, the fact that a few years ago I found something in my old wallet that I got the exact day when I last saw her.

It was an odd meeting that day. It was the first time in several years that we saw each other. Back then I had no idea who she was. We were only friends since our moms were high school friends. Her mom actually pushed my mom into asking out my dad. She was even the bride’s maid at their wedding. So, it was sort of inevitable that in our early years we would be together and know each other and play together time to time.

My memories of my early years are vague. I know why, and I stated before that this is the cause for my lack of trust in people. It is also something that I will never mention here as well. Anyway, I do have faint memories of us playing together. It was always over her house. Not sure why, then again they lived a little far away and I am sure my mom just wanted to get out of the house.

It was when not only my mom became pregnant, but my friend’s mom became pregnant as well which made us no longer see one another. Since they lived sort of far away and my mom being pregnant she did not want to drive down there anymore. Then being busy raising two kids got in the way. It was the same for her as well.

There was a time when I would have dreams. I never mentioned this to anyone, so the internet makes a logical place for whatever reason. Clearly my sense of this sort of thing is a little off. However I am just going to ignore that and continue anyway. The dreams were always about me trying to find my sister. I only have two younger brothers, although one has long enough hair and could look like a sister from the back. At the same time that sister was not someone my brothers knew. She was older than them, yet younger than me. The same thing about my childhood friend, she is a year younger than me.

I doubt that it was from watching so much anime that it was at the point where I wanted the little sister troupe in my life. A part of me hopes that it does not turn out that she is really my sister and we were just separated, since there are a few memories that are hazy that I remember but do not understand why they happened. Anyway I think it was because all that time together in our younger years she felt sort of like a younger sibling. She had no siblings of her own, and neither did I, so it might have been fitting.

Still, after all this time we have not seen each other again. I do not know what will happen, if we will meet again or if we will not. I do not know what I would say to her. I doubt she remembers me anyway. Still, it is odd that I still hold on. Could it be my trust issues that want me to hold onto that one person that I could trust before that cause? I do not know.

Anyway before this gets any weirder I am going to change-up these posts for once and talk about other stuff, even though it still deals with the childhood friend. I think it is safe to say that a majority of the anime I watch are comedy, romance, or harem most in which always seem to bring up the childhood friend. It is only now where I am realizing my only option when it comes to this since almost always revolve around dating said childhood friend. So, I am stopping here from keeping this to be any weirder.



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– Joe