Originally I was thinking of having this open to superhero comics as well, but I already did that in a post a super long time ago. So, I am just going to leave this to manga and anime. It will mostly be anime though. It will probably all be anime though.

An antagonist is a very important role. They are the opposite of the main character, or sometimes they are the same. The hero is only as great as his villain and a villain is as only great as a hero. However an antagonist can be the hero and the protagonist can be a villain. So without further ado, let’s get started, sort of.

top 5

Okay, so out of all of these, I would just like to say four are obvious to why they are antagonists. While one in order to explain why they are on this list, it goes into major spoiler territory. The spot is number 3. So, feel free to just glance at who the person is instead of reading it if you plan on seeing that series.


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Number 5: Gary Oak (Pokemon)

gary mother lovin oakGary Oak, that childhood antagonist. He might not be a villain, but I mean he is a jerk rival to Ash. So, he is an antagonist. But because he is not a “Villain,” I have to put him early on the list. He really serves as a means to push forward the main character. Ash got 8 badges, Gary out did him by getting 10. Things like that. At the same time although he was not always seen later in the series he changed dramatically. He matured and dare I say as if he actually aged over time unlike a certain someone who has been 10 for over 18 years. Gary Oak really out does himself in some cases because of that change. But that is all I really have to say.


Number 4: Zeref (Fairy Tail)

This one is also tricky. But the anime already revealed it so, I don’t feel bad for saying it. Zeref being Natsu’s brother even makes him that much more amazing. A part of me wants to put him later on the list, but I have so many mixed feelings.

zeref dragneelZeref is a great villain, however looking at Fairy Tail Zero, it reveals he was cursed, the more he loves life, and the more life dies around him. In the manga he has an entire continent of powerful wizards that follow him. He has been a part of the series way before his appearance all the way into the first major arc, Lullaby. So, although now he wants for nothing but the destruction of life, a part of me still feels that there is the tiny bit of him that still holds onto life. Mavis is that light for him, which is why he is trying to get her back in the manga. Sorry for those spoilers, but it is true. So, although Antagonist I am using it in the sense that they are the opposite of the protagonist. A part of me feels though as a villain there is much much more to him than what he is giving off at this current time. Because of those mixed feelings, I cannot put him higher in the list as much as I want to. He would probably be at the number 2 or 1 spot if I could sort out all those feelings.


Number 3: Miyo Takano (Higurashi)

Okay, so those that saw Higurashi might be wondering why. Another group who have never seen Higurashi might be wondering who she is. I have not seen Higurashi in over two years. (Wow that was a lot longer than I thought it was.) Yet while compiling this list it sort of clicked. That and my urge to rewatch this series has been high for almost 7 months now, but backlog, school work, and other shows with sequels coming out soon took priority. It is a 52 episode series and trying to find time for it all, well it takes a while.

Miyo Takano from higurashiAnyway Miyo Takano is the nice nurse lady. But like everyone in Higurashi they are screwed up and probably will kill someone by the end of the arc. Anyway she really had a major roll throughout the whole series, which was not revealed till sometime in the second season that she is the cause and reason that everyone dies in the series.

She is out to get revenge for her grandfather who everyone made fun of in the scientific community. She is out to prove that the people of the area go into frenzy if their “Queen” dies. This is due to a parasite. So to prove it, she does kill the “Queen” causing everyone to go into frenzy and ultimately everyone has to die. Because it is a mystery series, it really makes the build up to the reveal so much more. Which is why I wanted to say spoiler warning with the Mavis gif. So yeah, after remembering this I really want to go back and watch this series.


Number 2: L (Death Note)

A big one. Granted I watched Death Note sometime before I watched Higurashi, L really stuck with me as the Antagonist to Light. The show and series was not the same when he died. I really wish it just ended right there. A part of me was even tempted to stop watching the show after a few episodes after he died.

l from death noteL really is a mastermind and a little crazy. It makes his unpredictable behavior that much more amazing when it comes to this fact. He was one that made Light into who he became. Until after wards when there was no more L and Light became a whining sobering main antagonist at the bitter end. More on that in “Loser Characters” Top Five.

Anyway, it really was because of L that made that show so memorable to me. I basically forgot everything but the end in Death Note after L died. I think that is the greatest impact an antagonist can have is when the show just does not work after they are gone. It also just proves that the series should have ended long before too if it continues.


Number 1: Gilgamesh (Fate/Stay Night)

gilGilgamesh is easily one of my favorite villains. I do not know why. He is that arrogant person that has the power to knock everyone down a peg if he so pleases. He can also be defeated to. Yet he is seen as someone who is unbeatable and he believes himself to be as well. I think I really like him for his arrogance. Yet although I am not going to go on and talk as much as I would like about him, since the whole arrogance explains everything about him. There is something else.

As a villain, and they left this out in all anime forms of Fate. This was found from reading his bio, which was also from Fate/Zero and a scene they left out. Much like the legend Gilgamesh had a friend that he wanted to search for immortality with. His friend was not even human, but a golem made of clay. To Gilgamesh everyone seems like a mongrel to him, and the person to him that he sees as the most human, was not even a human to begin with. It added so much more to him as a character and gave him so much more understanding then just a villain to knock around her heroes because he wants to. A part of me questions why they left an important scene like that out. More than anything it changes who he is dramatically, which is why he is my favorite antagonist.

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