Yes, while everyone is reading this when I return from my hiatus I am writing this after watching the first ep the day it aired. You know what that means? I have somehow successfully fought the urge to upload this right away and lasted a month. Alright so what is now my favorite show after first impressions of this season, time to get started maybe?

I will be going a little light on covering the plot for the first 4 episode reviews, since they been out for some time. Starting with episode 5 it will return to the normal format.

The Plot:

Flashbacks of events that happened two years ago flash on-screen. The pain emanating from the still frames. Wow this is serious, but anyway it jumps ahead right away from the flash back to show off Benio. She is told that her power has now been recognized, however someone else might be just as powerful as her.

twin star 1 1

A few shots of her, as well as a few characters are like this. I picked the main three.

The scene switched to Rokuro. Who has failed, yet again, to ask a girl out. Besides sharing that similarity with me he runs off only to bump into his longtime friend Mayura. Rokuro wants to know what love is like since it can change people.

twin star 1 5

While this is happening Benio gets on a train bound for Tokyo. She fights off several kagura (still uncertain on the name) that are trying to take over the train. She hops into Magano, another dimension, to fight these monsters.

twin star 1 6
*Cough* Best Girl of the Season *Cough*

Meanwhile other exorcists learn of this and rush off to fight them. They live with Rokuro who does not want anything to do with being an exorcist.

Let me stop here, he does not want to be an exorcists, he lives with them, had a dream of being one when he was little, even the title of the show has exorcist in the name, and having read the manga it is obvious this is not going to last long.

Anyway while Benio slays a bunch, even taking on one in the sky, she soon runs out of energy and falls out of the sky.

She reappears in the world right next to Rokuro, who catches her. They fell in the river and after drying off he helps her find where she is going. A little hungry being the understatement Rokuro treats Benio to a meal, since she had no money.

Then as they continue their travels to her destination. Although at this point I am now realizing he doesn’t question why she fell out of the sky. Anyway, more of the monsters appear and they go to Magano. Benio is now seen as an exorcist and fights them off to protect the kids that were taken there.

The monsters keep appearing. Then a giant one appears. Benio slayed them all rather easily but the giant is a different story. Rokuro appears and fights defeating it in a single punch with his insane arm thing.

Overall Thoughts:

A majority of this episode was original. I was worried by this and the fact that the manga has no real place for them to stop. At the same time the manga is really battle heavy. So although I was rather pleased with this first episode I am uncertain how I will feel by the end.

This was an enjoyable first episode. It did not have to throw you right into the actual plot. More than anything it was all about the action and showing off aspects of the world. The characters too and the basics of who they are and what they are doing.

One thing that I was rather pleased by was the animation. I do not bring something like it up often, but when I do it means it is good. The contrast between the creatures and world of Magano where they were fuzzier around the edges compared well to the tight and well-drawn world and main characters. It makes it clear for each and should be interesting with some of the enemies later on.

Despite trailing away from the manga it was enjoyable and I am glad it was. I hope they keep it up.

Overall Enjoyment: 8/10

As I said the first few will be shorter than usual.

So, although it has been some time, what are your thoughts on either this episode or the series so far? Keep in mind that my thoughts may change over the next few reviews. So don’t put too much focus on the later episodes please.

As always I hope you enjoyed.

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Again, I hope you enjoyed and see you next time.

– Joe