So, where there are a lot of good shows, there are always bad ones. Instead of doing an Anime of the Year the next four days will be dedicated to one of the best each season. But before we can get to the best of them, time to talk about the best of the worst: Big Order.



I reviewed Big Order over at Anime Corps. This was my second series I reviewed over there. I dropped the show I was reviewing in the season before because it was bad, Luck and Logic, I also dropped the show after Big Order because it was bad too, Taboo Tattoo. But I stuck with Big Order.

i am so disgusted I can't find words
Thoughts on Luck & Logic from a screen cap of it.

Big Order is a bad anime, but just because something is bad, does not mean it cannot be entertaining. I honestly feel conflicted, and it is contradictory that something is bad but it is entertaining. Personally I was laughing more on how bad it was, which caused me to be entertained and continue to watch. It was not bad where I got bored.

This was a real attack. 

Keijo I think is a good mirror to this. Both shows were ridiculous. Keijo does not try to take itself seriously. It is a parody, and although the sport is taken serious, everything is done in a right way where it is not bad. Big Order on the other hand has many many issues. Its ridiculousness comes from these issues.


The issues are the characters, although that could be argued for any show and personal preference. Mostly the main character in this case since by the end, his logic makes zero sense.

There are so many ploy holes, some get fixed later, but even then most of the time it feels like all the serious parts were too ridiculous to be taken seriously. The final episode and knowing the plan behind everything made no sense what so ever. So, plot holes, although an alright plot, everything about it was executed poorly.

The latter half was where I finally opened my eyes, the stupid enjoyment of the show and its ridiculousness making up for the plot holes, did not make up for the overall plot issues the series had where it jumped in passing to give it an ending. A rushed, no sense what so ever, ending.


If you enjoyed this series all the way through, good for you. To me it is certainly the best of the worst.

So, what was your favorite worst anime this year? Preferably one you did not drop.

As always I hope you enjoyed.

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Again, I hope you enjoyed and see you next time.

– Joe