I-Guy finally returns after a short leave of absence, and well, time to continue where the last episode left off, but also learn where they may go from here. A certain interesting twist appeared, and well, hopefully there is some motivation for one hero to learn more about the responsibility to being one.

The Plot:

Well, the previous episode had I-Guy swooping in. Well, now the fight kicks off. Eleanor runs off with the ladies, while everyone else splits into a fight.

the reflection ep 7 1

X-on takes on the fire lady, and copies her power. Last time he did that was back during the events of episode one. So, that fight has some cool scenes of them punching and throwing fire around.

the reflection ep 7 2

Lisa fights the metal bender, and well, turns out her robot is actually the power of imagination. So, it is not metal, so the metal bender cannot try controlling her. That doesn’t stop her from using nearby cars though.

the reflection ep 7 3

Then with I-Guy that bat boy appears again. I also agree with I-Guy how lame the guy’s name is, something Dread Wing I think, I don’t remember. But those two fight as well.

Eleanor gets her butt beat by a leopard guy. Ultimately the people she was trying to protect, the daughter gets taken and the mother dies. Yeah, that was unpleasant. But it did get Eleanor annoyed, and wanting to know exactly what is their plan. Since the evil group does say they have enough now.

Because of this, and Eleanor being somewhat upset, X-On gets annoyed at I-Guy for not being serious and being too cocky. He also lands a huge punch on him too.

the reflection ep 7 9

A short time later, Eleanor explains to X-On how she met Wraith in the previous episode. Ultimately, she is pretty much bait if they want to know anything about their plan. So, she walks off.

the reflection ep 7 10

Meanwhile I-Guy has a little tantrum on what X-On said to him. He goes off and also meets Wraith, who takes an interest in him. Wraith also says how Ian is nothing without him team and is pretty much a Hallow King. She is pretty much trying to recruit him.

Worried he runs back home, ultimately to find his entire team dead. He plays a tape they left him, and well, he now gets a new suit. But even then, the loss hits him pretty hard. With new motivation, well, it is could be interesting where this goes. He did lose people that he has been close to for over thirty years.

the reflection ep 7 13

The episode ends with Eleanor meeting the metal bender lady.

the reflection ep 7 14

Overall Thoughts:

This episode was pretty decent. I will say the middle part with Eleanor felt a little rushed compared to everything else that happened. But overall everything else had a bigger impact.

I do think it is weird how it felt as if X-On and I-Guy never really met before. Then again the two probably did not have that much interaction. It seemed like in episode one they knew one another and that agency as well. Clearly that is not the case. Also the fact what happened to that agency is only now coming to mind.

Anyway, that little scuffle between I-Guy and X-On seemed well-timed. For all of I-Guy’s moments he was just in it for the fame and to get the spotlight. Between his fight with X-On and then at the end losing his friends, it was the wakeup call he needed. Sure he may now want revenge, which might make the hero become a villain, but it can give a dramatic change to the character. He is not going to do it for the spotlight now, and out of all the characters, Ian now has the most characterization and development.

Earlier in the episode there was Eleanor trying to fight, well, clearly, she keeps getting beaten. But her motivation has not stopped her from wanting to help someone. But there was that moment in the fight when the daughter teleported away. For a second I thought that was Eleanor’s doing. I do not think it was that shadow guy, but someone with a similar power to Eleanor. Like I said I get the feeling her powers might be time travel, if not someone else has a similar power and is stronger than Eleanor where they can teleport others.

The fight overall, I was not expected to last the whole episode. The starting fight certainly was enjoyable, had a few great lines, and well, the art direction again really is great when it comes to the fights. It is like a moving comic with the art style.

Either way, the episode was still enjoyable, and really brought up more of a responsibility when trying to be a hero. Hopefully next episode can keep the momentum going.

Overall Enjoyment: 90/100

As always, what are your thoughts on this series?

As always I hope you enjoyed.

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– Joe