Time to talk about the best of the worst for shows that aired this year. Now, to get this title I must complete the series, there is no only watching a handful of episodes and giving it this title. I need to finish it, and question why I did it afterword. Now, this one was pretty easy to pick, and well, by the feature image, it is Granblue Fantasy.

granblue fantasy ep 11 pic 5

Now, why Granblue Fantasy? Well, it was just one disappointment after another. I honestly brought it up in a clear majority of the reviews I did. An episode would end on a cliffhanger only for the next episode to solve the issue in less than a minute then spend the remaining half of the episode building up the next arc. Now, the ones I thought were great for this series, well, they had nothing to do with the main plot.

granblue fantasy ep 9 pic 8

Cliffhangers are what killed it for me. But there is also the fact it was using a plot for a series that should have been a lot longer than twelve episodes. It felt like it was just touching the surface on possibilities. Since it is a mobile game, with a long plot, well, there should be some point to gain a feeling for a nice stopping point, the anime did not give that feeling one bit. Much like Kancolle, they introduced a ton, and about a good 10 to 15 characters in the final episode each getting their own one liner before attacking. It was just a moment for the fans of the game, while those who don’t play, could easily get annoyed how the final episode stopped a fight for 5 minutes to introduce all these characters. It did it right earlier in the series where they were in the background or just said something in a short scene by not taking out attention away from the main characters. The pictures that followed were just a few of all of them, now imagine a repeating scene like that for five minutes.

What gets me the most was the “Final episode,” which was pretty much an extra episode and replaced the main male character with his female counterpart in the games. I honestly enjoyed everything a lot more with her. It was refreshing, and nice to see how much of the dynamics changed between the characters with the main character. It was alsoa  beach episode that didn’t feel like a beach episode, but a bunch of women kicking butt and taking names.

granblue fantasy ep 13 pic 1

Overall this show was just alright. It just gets really annoying with the insane number of cliffhangers that amount to nothing and a plot that will never be finished, and a series that feels like it is not over. The simple solution is to just play the game and nothing more.

 Since everyone is different, feel free to comment if you liked this series or even what anime you thought was the worst you watched this year.

Of course, Happy Holidays.

– Joe